Of course the big news this weekend is that the J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Trek is playing in wide-release. Reviews have been glowing so far and the movie is sure to rake in the Earth bucks and be a smash hit. Finally! Thanks so much for making Trek sexy and cool. Now I can wear my Spock ears in public without the fear of getting a front-wedgie.


Here are more morning headlines...

WEREWOLF: THE SERIES finally coming to DVD!!! (Dread Central)

Bruce Willis is Obsessed with Beyonce and lawn care. (NY Mag)

District 9 teaser poster is not welcoming. (Yahoo)

Mike Tyson sings! Please auto-tune. Kthxbai. (The Playlist)

Sin City 2: City Of Sin in the works. (Latino Review)

More MAD TV. God. Please, why?! (TV Squad)

Happy Mother's Day! (THR)