Once you get past the parties, and the reporters, and all the glitz, what Comic-Con really comes down to, what it's always been about, is repurposing familiar franchises and brands for new audiences and revenue streams.

It's easy to forget that amid all the madness, but when we lose our way, there's always someone like Sam Raimi to play the role of Jiminy Cricket on our shoulder, reminding us of what's really important (studio bottom lines).

In the spirit of commerce, Raimi took to a panel at Comic-Con to announce that he and his brother are working on a script for the pilot of an Evil Dead TV show, and that show will star Bruce Campbell as Ash, a character we haven't seen since (in any significant fashion) since 1992's Army of Darkness.

Not much else is known at this time, but it comes just as Campbell is wrapping up a six-season character arc on USA's s. Good time, because Bruce Campbell's gotta eat!