In one of the few sequel announcements (updates, rather) Rounders 2 is a flushed-out property, according to Deadline, who has quotes from no less than Harvey Weinstein saying as much.

The film, which will be written by the writers of the original, David Levien and Brian Koppelman, will see Matt Damon and Edward Norton returning. The film will be more "international" with the opening card game set in Paris. On that note, Weinstein said that "There might be a certain, beautiful French actress" in the film. Which has to mean Marion Cotillard, right? I mean, she's the only beautiful French actress there is, right?

Despite the international flavor, the producers seem to be going a little more American with their villain, writing out Teddy KGB for a character played by Robert DeNiro, who may just be parlaying his Silver Linings Playbook cred into somethign more than Grudge Match.

No word on a release date yet, but Weinstein said production would be "instantaneous" following a just-reached partnership to share the archives between TWC and Miramax.