The best boxing movie ever made was "Rocky," and here are some Rocky Balboa quotes from the franchise. Rocky was a struggling boxer trying to get his shot at the title. He worked at a meat factory and also did some debt collecting for a loan shark. The heavyweight champion decided to give a nobody a chance become a somebody by fighting him. Little did he know the Italian Stallion was out to win. Here are some quotes throughout the "Rocky" franchise.

  1. "Adrian! ADRIAN!" While this seems more like a one-liner this is the most famous Rocky Balboa quote of all time. Rocky just finished the heavyweight championship fight to which he lost. Here he is desperately calling out to his girl friend through the crowd.

  2. "WHAT DO I OWE YOU, PAULIE? WHAT DO I OWE YOU? I treat you good! I cook for you! I cleaned for you! I pick up your dirty clothes! I take care of ya, Paulie! I don't owe you nothin'! And you made me feel like a loser! I'M NOT A LOSER! " Adrian's brother Paulie constantly made Rocky feel like a bum. He went one step too far and Rocky finally snapped.

  3. "You gotta be a moron... you gotta be a *moron* to wanna be a fighter." Rocky's sentiments on getting his face smashed inside the ring. It takes a certain kind of person to handle that kind of punishment.

  4. "I feel like a Kentucky Fried idiot." This unique Rocky Balboa quote came after he spent the day chasing after a chicken. His trainer Mickey thought it would help develop speed.

  5. "Do you like having a good time? Then you need a good watch!" Clever little quip when Rocky went shopping with Adrian. Finally he had some money to buy her something nice.

  6. "Yeah, well, was ya ever punched in the face 500 times a night? It stings after a while, ya know." Rocky tried to get a job, a normal job. A straight forward Rocky Balboa quote that fighting isn't a good day job.

  7. "How did you get so tough?" This Rocky Balboa quote is directed at Adrian. Her response was that "She lives with a fighter."

  8. "Nothing is real if you don't believe in who you are!" A quote from Rocky Balboa when he discovered he wasn't a good a fighter as he thought he was. His confidence fell to an all time low.

  9. "You don't like em'? Well maybe they don't like you either Paulie." Rocky made this reference to rebuttal Paulie's prejudice. Paulie of course didn't get it.

  10. "You ain't so bad, you ain't so bad, you ain't nothin'. C'mon, champ, hit me in the face! My mom hits harder than you!" If you want to egg someone on then this Rocky Balboa quote is the one for you. All athletes trash talk against their opponent and here Rocky did a good job at getting a rise out of his next challenger.  

- Chuck G.