Regarding Fake Michael Bay

Friday, February 6 by

A few points of clarification on the recent email sent by Twitter regarding the @Michael_Bay profile.

1) Michael Bay’s Movies have GIAN FIGHTING Robots.

2) Michael Bay is AWESOME.

3) We are not the real Michael Bay.

4) Someone complained about the profile. We are not sure if it was Bay’s people. Twitter responded by removing the profile picture and nothing more. At this time there is no mention by Twitter of removing the profile as they recognize it is parody.

UPDATE: I was just contated by Twitter. They confirmed that it was Bay’s Legal team.

5) We LOVE Michael Bay’s Movies because of 1) & 2)

Seriously, we really do love Michael Bay’s movies. Although we have been giving him a gentle ribbing with Twitter because of his reputation as being the epitome of Hollywood flash, we have never meant to tarnish his image in any way. Michael Bay does not make movies for Sundance; he makes movies that burn off our eyebrows and singe our Amygdalas with their sheer explosive awesomeness. He works hard at what he does an he does it very well. We love him because if there is anyone who might actually try to blubberpult a flaming killer whale over an Airbus A380 and film it in super slow-mo, it would be Michael F’ing Bay. And we would TOTALLY go see that movie, and review it.

Here at Screenjunkies we also work hard at what we do. We make jokes about TV and Movies. As ridiculous as Hollywood seems at times, like a vast majority of people, we love it. There are amazing films every year which make powerful artistic statements, express cinematic mastery, and make us think about our lives. But for every one of those there are 79 movies and TV shows that are just supposed to entertain us, and there is NOTHING wrong with that. We’d like to think we can sort through those and help you figure out what’s actually entertaining, keeping things funny along the way.

So in conclusion, a gigantic thankyou to everyone for being a part of this so far. The overwhelming response has been awesome. Should Twitter decide to remove the profile, I will go back to tweeting with @becker. In the meantime, we’ve got to figure out how to toss an 18 Wheeler filled with C4 down the south slope of Everest.

Love, Fake Michael Bay /

Ps, please retweet this if you don’t mind. And get me that Latte. NOW. MOVE!

Thanks to @rschroed for the photo

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