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FUNNY PEOPLE Red Band Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos

Here we have the red-band trailer for Judd Apatow’s Funny People. In this release they’v taken the focus off all that cancer/dying bidness in order to focus on the jokes. And, well… honestly the stand-up in this clip is a little weak. I’m really hoping that the filmmakers are saving the best punchlines for the film itself because I really want this movie to be great. Unfortunately right now I have to agree with that humorless German at the trailer’s end. Sorry. "Humorless German" is a redundant term.

Check out this morning’s top headlines…

Megan Fox is all teeth. (Dread Central)
Cameron Diaz is considering Green Hornet role. (EW)
Syfy wants to bring Quantum Leap back(ula). (Pajiba)
Larry King don’t believe in no ghosts. (TV Squad)
Season two of Dollhouse already getting the dizzick. (NY Mag)



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