R.I.P. Peter O’Toole

Monday, December 16 by

Peter O’Toole, the respected actor best known for his starring role as Lawrence in Lawrence of Arabia but also known for his role as Zaltar, Master of the Matterwand, in Supergirl, has passed away at the age of 81.

Much like the matterwand, O’Toole too had the ability to turn energy into matter, having turned in unforgettable performances in over ninety screen projects. He was nominated for an Academy Award eight times for his work in the films My Favorite Year, The Stunt Man, Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Venus, and of course, Lawrence of Arabia. Though he never won (a decision that Mr. O’Toole attributed to his own “hamming it up” at the time), the Academy did give him an honorary award in 2003. He was also nominated for Worst Supporting Actor by the Razzie Awards for his work on Supergirl. However, he also “lost” that honor as that was the year that Howard The Duck and Prince’s Under the Cherry Moon essentially swept it. Hollywood can be so political.

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