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Actor Andy Hallett passes (IGN)

ABC’s "Ugly Yeti" (Take180)

The World’s Oldest Stoner (FilmDrunk)

Brooke Burke has still got it (Manofest)

Wolverine vs. The Comedian (Pajiba)

Spank Bank: Natasha Q (Gorilla Mask)

Baby Owl Tries To Swallow Rat (I Am Bored)

Strangest Sex Objects (Cracked)

Scorsese’ Shutter Island Teaser (Filmofilia)
XXXombies hits the Big Screen? (Dread Central)

Win a Date With Tyler (Holy Taco)

Nightcapper: Jon Daly needs a Hooters Waitress (Busted Coverage)

When Children’s Drawings go wrong (Uncoached)

The Final Countdoooooown!  (UnrealityMag)

Terry Gilliam’s Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus update! (The Playlist)

Foot Cobbler (Tom Oatmeal)

City of God Ain’t Got Sh*t on this (Nothing Toxic)

Babes of the Ages!  (Chickipedia)

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