Q&A: My Girlfriend Explains What Dudes Can Learn From The Pants Movie

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We all know that one of the most difficult tasks of men’s lives is the process of trying to understand women.  It is often mindboggling, able to drive us to fits of rage and utter confusion. But the reality is that they smell REALLY good, and whether we like it or not, we need them.

So in hopes of further de-coding the enigma wrapped in a riddle covered with a puzzle that is the female brain, here’s some insight via an interview with my girlfriend about Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Part II.


Question 1: Describe the plot in three sentences.

Answer: Four best friends of diverse backgrounds, interests, personal styles, and hair colors, reunite after their first year of college and continue jointly discovering who they really are.  The smart one decides to go to art school, the pretty one from a broken family reunites with her long-lost grandmother and mends her troubled relationship with her father, the edgy one has a pregnancy scare and comes to terms with being happy instead of constantly angst-ridden, and the one with low self-esteem (and a slightly curvier stature) discovers she’s a gifted, Shakespearean actress at home in the spotlight.

De-Code: I am so glad that I did not have to see this movie.  And I’m pretty sure “Slightly Curvier” is a euphemism for tubby.

Question 2. Why did you see this movie?

Answer: I’ve already seen SATC a couple times, so this was the next best thing.  Four girl friends with an inseparable bond, trials and tribulations of finding love and their own true callings. And lots of costume changes. And wanted to know what happened with the smart brunette and the hunk Greek she hooked up with in part one.

De Code: Ok, first off it looks like women use acronyms whenever they can. They also like a large variety of clothes and find Greek dudes “hunky.”

Question 3. How can a guy sound smart about this movie?

Answer: No girl wants to hear that her boyfriend actually enjoyed the movie—half the fun of chick flicks is that guys don’t like them. Guys should probably just try to avoid sounding like an asshole about the movie, as in don’t say anything about Blake Lively being hot. The less you say the better.  If you notice your girlfriend tearing up during one of the emotional scenes, don’t say anything.  Just grab her hand.

De Code: Right. Guys should not try to sound smart about chick flicks. In fact, guys should never try to like things that they are not supposed to like, and chick flicks are one of these things.  The things that women are always complaining about– your obsession with football, grappling with your friends in public, and all the beer you drink are actually the reason that they are attracted to you. When they complain they are actually asking for you to do it more.  And for the record, Blake Lively is TOTALLY hot.

Question 4. What can guys learn about the enigmatic and elusive female species without actually watching this movie?

Answer: Coming-of-age movies are great because they show how hard it to make choices in our own lives—and make us think that everything will work out alright.  Alexis Bledel decides to go against her family’s wishes and take art classes, and she still gets the hunky Greek in the end. No girl identifies with the pretty character—that’s why there’s always an angsty artist, i.e. Amber Tamblyn, and/or curvaceous shy character, i.e. America Ferrera.   And no girl assumes that the hot guy has a crush on her.  Also, every girl dreams of being able to wear the same pair of jeans as
Blake Lively.

De-Code: The vast majority of girls assume they are not pretty, which is why compliments work a lot of the time. And Women want to wear Blake Lively’s pants and get hunky Greek dudes.

So take-home point? Remeber to take an active stance against all chick flicks. It’s your duty. And also, Blake Lively is TOTALLY hot.


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