Are you one of those people who always wondered why they didn't make HDTVs a 2.35:1 aspect ratio?  You go to the movie theater and see a grand, sweeping movie shot in the widest widescreen possible, and then rent the movie later at home - the Blu-Ray, no less, on your brand new LCD screen - and you get black bars on the top and bottom. 


Sucks, right?  It's like you're paying extra to see a Lars Von Trier flick in IMAX. 

Well, fret no longer.  Phillips has unleashed the sleek "Cinema 21:9" HDTV which will display those 2.35:1 widescreen movies in their intended aspect ration - and with no unsightly bars at the top and bottom.  The image actually takes up the entire screen.  Who'da thunk it?  

Phillips is also releasing special web shorts to coincide with the TV's launch.  You can check out the amazing "Carousel," directed by Adam Berg and starring a bunch of seamless visual effects recreating a single moment in time during a bank robbery, but stretched out like some fly-through bullet time sequence you probably put your friends through every time you school them at Madden.  See for yourself after the jump. 

Check out the Phillips micro-site to see all the behind the scenes goodies from "Carousel." 

[via /Film]