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Screenjunkies can not take credit for this one. It was sent to us by the geniuses at Holytaco.

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ve known the guys at Holytaco since elementary school. We do a yearly trip together where we go visit a beach or a themed restaurant or a museum or whatever just seems nice. Here are some photos.

This was the time we went to Applebees for French onion soups and there was a BACHELORETTE PARTY THERE! We had FUN!

This was the time that we all got Lasik and watched a Dr. Who marathon. It was hard to see anything, but still awesome.

This is us during a particularly hard year. We stuck together and did not have to eat each other.

One time we rented a Nissan X-Terra and just drove around with the windows half open for three days. Man, that was the best.

One time, we took a tour of the stockyard outside of Kansas City, Missouri. It smelled like pig poop. That was a bad idea.

Who knows where we’ll go next.

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