I'm only writing about this because I REALLY wanted to put together the above photoshop. Patrick Dempsey and Jamie Kennedy are maybe going to be a part of Transformers 3. Random much? Michael Bay must just be shouting out the names of people he sees on TV now. I'm sure Can't Buy Me Love and Scream were playing back-to-back on some network this past weekend.

Depending on where you translate the interview that Dempsey gave to Brazilian website BOH it either says:

“I start filming later this month in “Transformers 3?, which I play a character who is far more “dark” than others.”


"Chicken patty sandwich."

Don't ask me, I don't speak Portuguese.

Jamie Kennedy told 8KUPD Arizona (he got interviewed by a license plate?) that he “had an interesting interview with the people behind the new Transformers movie and I may have a role in the movie.”

More Transformers 3 casting news to come, but I really don't see it getting anymore exciting than this, people. (/Film)