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If you do one thing this weekend… tell your friends about Screen Junkies.If you do two things this weekend… tell your friends about Screen Junkies and then check out all the links below. Then go see a movie and watch some TV.  But for chrissakes, whatever you do, don't run around outside.  That's how you break something.Pacino and DeNiro sue the pants off the Watchmen (FilmDrunk)Apply for a new girlfriend. (Holy Taco)Five Must-Read Marvel Stories ( of the Show Exposes Dr. Manhattan (G4)

Who Wants To Be A Super Baby?
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Stan Lee and the geniuses at the BBC have teamed up to make a kid’s version of Who Wants To Be A Superhero? On the program, children aged 9 to 13 create superhero personas and break down into tears when the judges harshly pulverize their hopes. I know what you’re thinking. It sounds awesome.We haven’t seen the show ourselves because we don’t speak British but we have provided a handy episode guide after the jump. The show seems really harsh.

Arachnid Hero Man VICTORY!!!
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Marvel Comics is now streaming the first episode from the 1970’s Japanese television version of Spider-man. It’s unlike any Spidey you’ve ever seen before. Giant robots, motorcycles, ghosts, scientists, monsters,…

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The day for which many have been waiting is finally upon us. After a very public legal battle and gazillions of marketing dollars spent, fans everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief. Today Zach Snyder’s adaptation of Watchmen opens in theaters. It’s expected to dominate the box office for the foreseeable future. How can the other studios compete? They can’t. That’s why they’re releasing the worst films on their rosters in hopes of getting them in and out of theaters quickly and quietly. After the jump are the movies that will be trounced at this weekend’s box office. I’m not sure why anyone in his or her right mind would ever produce these in the first place or want to see them. 

Larry David Throws Millionaires A Bone
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According to a report from Entertainment Weekly Larry David will be joined by some old co-workers when Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for its seventh season. Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards will also guest on the HBO series.

Boldly Smell
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I’ve always imagined William Shatner to smell the way a ham does as it bakes. Slow juices mingling with the snappy zest of a pineapple ring. Apparently, I couldn’t have been further from the truth. The bored fine folks over at Genki Wear have developed Tiberius; a scent that combines notes of sweet citron, black pepper, cedar, vanilla, white musk and sandalwood. 

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With Joaquin Phoenix pursuing a mushroom-induced musical career, we thought that we would take a moment to point out the missteps taken by those before him. These vanity projects should serve as a warning to any actor who has rock and roll dreams to stick with their dayjob. And a reminder to all of us that fame makes people crazy.

The Top 7 Heroes who Need to Die
Thursday, February 26 by

Surprise!  Daphne’s not dead!  Surprise!  Sylar’s not dead!  Surprise!  Some dude who you absolutely wished had kicked the bucket is not dead!  If there’s one thing the Heroes writers have proven themselves to be incapable of, it’s killing off a character. 

2009 Oscar Liveblog
Sunday, February 22 by

We would like to thank all of our readers for joining us on this incredibly special night.  Here are some final thoughts on the evening, particularly the dominance of Slumdog Millionaire.  @Michael_bay:  Highlight of the evening? My Hummer has Lamborghini doors.Philip Buster: It's clear: Oscars finally outsourced as economy crashes.Matt Sears:  Mickey Rourke is gonna choke-slam someone at the Vanity Fair Party.Max Powers:  The academy is cleary Lactose-Intolerant with their snub of 'Milk.'GOODNIGHT.

17 Oscar Categories We Would Like To See
Friday, February 20 by

We firmly believe that the Oscars would benefit from adding a few wild-card categories every year. You know, mix it up. Keep it fresh. Here are a few possibilities, including  nominees. If you have more, post them in the comments section. And don't forget to download your ballot and follow our Oscar liveblog HERE starting 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific this Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Sunday. 

8 V-Day Movies You May Be Forced To See
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If you're having horizontal relations on a regular basis, chances are pretty good you're busy Saturday night. But fear not you coupled soldier you, there is no reason your bro-ness has to be sacrificed in the name of Saint Valentine. I know I'm planning on dinner for two and a movie in the comfort of my apartment, but if you're just starting down the road of monogamy you're going to be expected to leave the house. So when it comes to what movie you're going to see at the multiplex after your romantic dinner, keep in mind February 14th is her day. Which means unless your GF is crazy awesome, My Bloody Valentine 3D is out. So here's a run down of what you'll need to sit through if you want to see her naked later.

The 18 Best Rockumentaries of ALL TIME
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After paying an exorbitant fee on Ticketmaster just to print your tickets out (convenient and immediate), you still have to scour for parking, only to wait in line behind whatever flannel print happens to be popular at the moment, to stand in another line to show your I.D. for foamy, overpriced draft beer in a plastic cup. After securing that perfect spot, to the left of the guy in the stovepipe hat and respectfully buffered from the fledgling larva of a mosh pit. The band lumbers onstage.They rush through eight songs, including that one that your girlfriend recognizes, “I know this! I didn’t know these guys sang this! I like this song.”Through the miracle of home DVD, you can now enjoy your favorite bands in the coolest of dive bars, “Your Couch”. These magical discs carry backstage interviews, a biography, and occasionally a sound check. These are rockumentaries. And they rock. Enjoy them at your leisure at home, where the bathroom isn’t blanketed with an inch of urine.

11 Craziest Grammy Moments
Monday, February 9 by

The Grammys are really not worth watching, especially if you are a straight male. But there have been some awesome moments in live TV which would have never happened without them. Here’s are a few of those little gems.

Regarding Fake Michael Bay
Friday, February 6 by

A few points of clarification on the recent email sent by Twitter regarding the @Michael_Bay profile.1) Michael Bay's Movies have GIANT FIGHTING Robots. 2) Michael Bay is AWESOME.3) We are not the real Michael Bay.

The 17 Best Super Bowl Ads
Monday, February 2 by

When the economy tanks so do the ads. Whether companies are wanting to spend less on high-budget spots or they're trying to be more in tune with the popularity of viral videos this year, most of the ads were stripped-down compared to years past. There  were a few very entertaining ones (but nothing on the level of Cat Herders).  The game was good and here are our favorites.Doritos- Free Doritos Free Doritos Ad-Superbowl 2009 – Watch more Free Videos

Banned Ads
Thursday, January 29 by

Cash for gold hilarious ad – Watch more free videosDanica Patrick Go Daddy Beaver Ad

12 Art House Babes
Monday, January 26 by

It's a rare thing when a woman can appeal to both your brain and your boner. But through a blend of sexiness, quirk, smarts, and style, the following women have ingratiated themselves to our best and worst intentions. Keep up the good work, ladies.

13 Insanely Horrible Local TV Ads
Wednesday, January 21 by

Not every commercial can come from the typewriter of Darren Stevens or the desk of Don Draper. Here is a cluster of shoddily made local commercials. I urge you, DO NOT get up for a beer. Do not even get up to piss. Just sit back and enjoy these words from the sponsors.

Craziest Joaquin Phoenix Moments
Monday, January 19 by

Where the crap is Joaquin still getting all these Quaaludes from? I've been told by dealer after dealer that the world ran out in 1978.  One positive benefit to being a mega star in Hollywood is that you can get access to such awesome drugs and then when you're high enough you can announce to the world that you're going to become a rapper. One really bad part about Hollywood is that you can get access to so many crazy drugs and when you're high enough you can make the terrible mistake of deciding to pursue a rap career. To honor that land of unlimited substances and possibilities, and to continue our ongoing coverage of Joaquin Rappergate, here is a video list of some of his craziest moments. Wonderboying

Hollywood Auto Trader [pic]
Friday, January 16 by

I've always wondered where all that stuff goes.

Craziest Robert Downey Jr. Moments
Thursday, January 15 by

In 1996 RDJ was arrested in LA for possession of 97 different types of drugs and a handgun. The cops nailed him driving down Sunset, totally hammered, and totally naked. The man has done 16 months in jail and plenty of time in rehab. In 1999 he told a judge “It’s like I have a loaded gun in my mouth and my finger’s on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gunmetal.” It is because of quotes like that and his incredible ability as an actor that we think he's the shit. In celebration of his recent comeback here is a look at some of the craziest Robert Downey Jr. moments.

7 Rappers Who Need To Act
Tuesday, January 13 by

Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg and Queen Latifah are just a few of the rappers who have spun gold records into box office gold. But what about those emcees that haven’t had the same opportunities? Here are a few hip-hop stars that never made the leap to the silver screen and the roles that they were born to play.

Michael Baywatch
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POPULAR SCREENJUNKIES:7 TV Shows We Would Like To See5 Perfect Flicks For Steven Seagal TV Cereals We Would Like To See 13 Craziest Gary Busey Moments Top 28 Films Of 2008 In Order of Sexy Michael Bay's Amazon Wish List If Variety Told The Truth

7 TV Shows We Would Like To See
Wednesday, January 7 by

We here at Screenjunkies know a thing or two about the old television set. Here is one of our lists of shows that should immediately be made.1. Anaconda NannyTagline: "The life of a parent can be so constricting." Plot Synopsis: Five gigantic Amazonian snakes compete to see which one can raise a 2 year old. Which child will get into the best preschool? Which one will learn to read first? Which one will be devoured before the opening credits of the pilot?   2. Supreme CourtTagline: "Posession is 9-10ths of the game."Plot Synopsis: Esteemed members of the United States Supreme Court compete in hard core 3-on-3 elbow-throwing streetball. All fouls are voted on and require a five-ninths majority vote to be sustained.

5 Perfect Flicks for Steven Seagal
Tuesday, January 6 by

Having squared-off against Rastafarians, thugs and vampires, Steven Seagal will leave no ass unkicked. No windpipe uncrushed. No face not hit with a pool cue. Here are five potential films for the strong man to headline.

5 Celebrities Most Likely To Die In 09
Friday, January 2 by

From: HOLY TACO. Although their list from last year went 0-8, I'm pretty sure that at least two of these five will not live to see the sun rise on 2010. Which sucks, because that's when the future officially starts. Click the image for the post.

9 DVDs to Immediately Regift
Monday, December 29 by

If you're anything like me, you treated the Friday after christmas like a holiday. And by holiday, I mean that you filled a kiddie pool with Coors Light and floated around on an acoustic guitar wearing nothing but cowboy boots and aviator sunglasses. So that means that you might have to spend a bit of time this week returning some gifts. But it's almost 2009 (which is when the future gets here), so why return them when you can just regift?  If some of those gifts happen to be DVDs from your family who barely know you but think they do, then here's a handy list of who to give them to. Again. Step Brothers

7 Best 80s Action Movies To Watch High
Monday, December 29 by

FROM: Our comrades at Holy Taco. "Some movies are super awesome when you've smoked a lot of pot.  Now, I'm sure you have your own list, but this is ours."Check out the full story here. 

11 Non-Traditional Christmas Movies
Tuesday, December 23 by

 Every year the airwaves are filled with the holiday joy of everyone's favorite Christmas time classics.  Not much is said though of the other movies that also take place during Christmas.  For the forgotten and unrecognized holiday movies that have brought countless hours of entertainment during this special time of the year we give you the best 11 Non-Traditional Christmas movies. 11. Silent Night, Deadly Night

Top 28 Films Of 2008 In Order of Sexy
Monday, December 22 by

It's that time of year when people run out of original ideas and just start ranking things.  And since EVERYBODY is doing it, far be it from The Junkies to miss the opportunity. But instead of looking at film in terms of directorial achievement, incredible writing, vision and execution we thought it best to order them according to their usage of hot women. Let's be honest. Plot just ain't everything. Enjoy.