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Bonus Features: Hump Day Link Dump
Wednesday, September 24 by

It's usually a bad idea whenever anyone starts off as one thing and then later becoms an actor.

Write Jason a Pick-Up Line
Wednesday, September 24 by

Our pal Jason from Friday the 13th clearly needs some help with the ladies. All you have to do is comment on this post with a pick-up line appropriate for our lumpy-headed friend and you could get away with the complete first season of Chuck on DVD.

13 Craziest Moments Of Tyra Banks
Wednesday, September 24 by

Attractive women can get away with a lot. Supermodels can get away with more.  I call this the Tyra Banks Effect. She can be serious, or be a total goofball. Whatever the mood, she is always very, very hot. Enjoy.

New Steven Seagal Movie Roundhouses Way Directly To DVD
Tuesday, September 23 by

Mr. ass kicking ponytail guy (Steven Segal) is back for more ass kicking ponytail having ACTION.

9 Life Lessons Every Guy Can Learn From Goodfellas
Tuesday, September 23 by

Goodfellas is one of the best movies ever made, but it offers education as well as entertainment. Below are nine of the most important messages you should hold on to after watching Martin Scorcese's classic for the 500th time. So read on and pay attention, you rat, you. Everybody takes a beating sometimes.

Spielberg Outsourced
Friday, September 19 by

And now a look at the business side of things, which was just moved to a way cheaper building with lower-wage employees somewhere on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Bonus Features: Weekend What To Watch
Friday, September 19 by

Well, it’s a big weekend for the pictures. I guess the point of the fall season is that it’s time to stop being outside and time to start watching stuff.  If you were to try to watch this entire list you would probably need to buy a diaper and install a fridge on the couch.

Diablo Cody Angry Rant
Thursday, September 18 by

A lot of people are jealous of Diablo Cody. She’s been vaulted to stardom really fast.  She looks like a Suicide Girl and writes really cutesy dialogue. It makes some dudes angry. Other dudes get a boner. And some, like me, just get an angry boner. Here’s her fanboy-directed rant, and some pics.

TV Cereals We Would Like To See
Thursday, September 18 by

When I was a kid there were breakfast cereals based on TV shows. My parents were pretty healthy, but every once in a while I would get a box of Ghostbusters Cereal and my impressionable, little brain would just explode with joy.  This made me wonder why there aren’t adult versions of the same? Here are a few examples we’d like to see. 

10 Craziest Kelsey Grammer Moments
Tuesday, September 16 by

Screenjunkies’ ongoing series of Craziest Moments brings a man so brilliantly suited for the spotlight that the list practically compiles itself. You have to ask: Is Kelsey a thespian? Is he a motivational speaker? Is he a choral god with Pan's Pipes just freaking genetically sewn into his throat muscles? The answer, dear friends, is a resounding YES. We hope you enjoy.

Cleavage Makes Movie Posters Better
Monday, September 15 by

We think we may have found a revolutionary new way to make any movie poster just that much more eye-catching. Come see for yourself.

14 Texas Movies to Watch During Hurricane Ike
Sunday, September 14 by

Well guys, it looks like we’re about to lose my home state to a storm that MSNBC’s sexy Contessa Brewer is calling “Unprecedented.” In a way I’m happy that a hard rain will finally come and wash all the filth off of Houston. But it’s also going to be sad to see the country of my youth given over to the Gods of the Sea.

Bonus Features: Weekend What To Watch
Friday, September 12 by

It’s a good weekend for entertainment.  Most notably, the Weather Channel’s ongoing coverage of Ike as it holds Texas’ face under water while laughing. Here’s our weekly list of what to check out.

7 Villains For the New Ghost Busters Movie
Friday, September 12 by

By now, you have probably heard that a new Ghost Busters flick is actually in the works. The project is still in its early stages, but we have a few suggestions when it comes to picking a bad guy. Here's a glimpse at our short list. Ghost Dad

TMNT Live Action Hybrid, And Some History
Tuesday, September 9 by

And now, a little history lesson on none other than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a winning example of how spontaneous parody ideas can go on to create entertainment empires.

This Week’s DVDs That Don’t Suck: 9/9/2008
Tuesday, September 9 by

For the second week in a row, we're a little light in the decent DVD department, but with only three things on our watch list, there's plenty of time to catch the premiere of Fringe tonight. Plus, it'll leave you with some paycheck left over to eat dinner that's not from a dollar menu. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 3

13 Craziest William Shatner Moments
Tuesday, September 9 by

William Shatner is a great fit for our reoccurring list of crazy star moments. The man does some truly bizarre things while seeming to take himself completely seriously. But really, it’s all just a joke. We think. And with the sad news that he will not take part in J.J.

9 Shows Guys Wish Women Wouldn’t Watch This Fall
Tuesday, September 9 by

Ladies, we love you, but your taste in TV sucks. Please, read and consider these points carefully while we sneak over and delete Grey's Anatomy from the TiVo list.

Weekend in Review
Monday, September 8 by

It was the wost weekend for the box office in years. I had to go to San Francisco against my will, and Stan lost a finger. Ok, he just broke it.

David Spade Makes Playmate Baby
Friday, September 5 by

David Spade managed to sneak his filthy cracker seed past a Playboy Playmate’s first (jumping jacks) and second (prayer) lines of defense. Sir, you could have done MUCH worse. High Five! Click through for pictures of his baby’s mamma, Jillian Grace.  [NSFW]

Bonus Features: Thursday Link Dump Bonanza
Thursday, September 4 by

There are always things that we can't really put our amazingly unique and extensive touch on. So here are a few of them, in list form.

Thursday, September 4 by

Screenjunkies can not take credit for this one. It was sent to us by the geniuses at Holytaco.

Contest: Make James Bond Funny and Win Free Stuff
Thursday, September 4 by

Last week's "fill in the bubble" contest went so well that we're doing it again. This time using one of the new Quantum of Solace photos that have been floating around the internet. See, it's fun and topical! Last week's winner is posted below and this week's contest is the same deal. Just leave a comment with something hilarious that could go in the bubble.

Emirates to Buy Hollywood
Wednesday, September 3 by

There have been a lot of stories lately about Steven Spielberg setting up shop with a massive Bollywood studio. Today there is news of an Abu-Dhabi based firm looking to invest around a billion dollars in film projects, a lot of it going to Hollywood. I’m sure it will prove the age-old adage: the surest way to become a millionaire is to come to Hollywood as a billionaire.  Maybe.

Leaked Pics of Dark Superman
Tuesday, September 2 by

We were recently sent these concept pictures that the producers have been using  to help cast the new Superman in a more edgy light. From the looks of these, he is definitely a lot darker than ever before.

This Week’s DVDs That Don’t Suck: 9/2/2008
Tuesday, September 2 by

Our list of non-sucky discs is relatively short this week. But, as the days get shorter and people start settling in to get fat over the winter, we'll slowly see lots of good stuff seep out of Hollywood and into Christmas stockings. Or into Hanukkah stockings. Or whatever kind of stockings Satan worshippers fill with nifty gifts. The Office: Season Four

Bonus Features: Thursday Sucks Edition
Thursday, August 28 by

Most of us have a big three-day weekend coming up, which makes this week all that much harder to sit through. But, rather than buckling down and getting your work done, why not poke around the internet and watch free episodes of The OC? See, that's much better.

11 Craziest Ann Coulter Moments
Thursday, August 28 by

I’ve been missing Ann Coulter's horsey face lately. When she’s quiet, it's like I forget how important it is to hate your fellow human beings. Here are a few of her craziest moments, in hopes we can inspire her to flap that lip again sometime soon.

Bonus Features: What To Watch This Weekend
Thursday, August 28 by

Between Vin Diesel movies and Animal Planet shows about a dude who gets eaten by a bear, this could be a decent weekend.

Contest: Fill the Bubble With Funny and Win
Thursday, August 28 by

This is the first contest here on and it's making me feel all special and wet on the inside. You can share in that feeling and maybe win yourself a copy of Kenny Vs. Spenny: Volume 1 Uncensored on DVD.