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A PERFECT GETAWAY – Watch more Movie Trailers Above is the trailer for A Perfect Getaway, an event Steve Zahn's agent must have felt like he was partaking in the minute he scored his client a starring role in a serious action thriller.  (For the record, Steve Zahn is a fine actor.) Today's Top Links:               Another Laura Croft?         Ashley Greene            Claudia Is HOT                 Awful 80s Shows            Pop Quiz, Hot Shot             Classy Beer                  Irish Optimists            Mr. Nobody Trailer              Flying Dog Gallery                   Getting A Cowgirl          College Playboy               Battleship Movie?          Dude Throws Up            Yoko Matsugane

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TV Squad reports that Battlestar's James Callis is returning to SyFy (pronounced SciFi) to star in their probably-crappy Merlin movie. No news other than that. I just wanted to point out that this dude is going for a wicked General Thade look.Here are your other morning stories…Fan-made Green Lantern trailer casts Nathan Fillion. Studio should do the same. (NY Mag) Anchorman 2 half-steam ahead!! (Movie Hole)A startlingly honest Terminator: Salvation review. (Holy Taco)Galfinakis on McConaughey: "Who gives a f*ck?" (Funny Or Die) Flight of the Navigator remake to bring child abduction back to the big screen.(Pajiba) 

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Here we have the poster for Jean Claude Van Damme's new release Karate. Details about the plot are currently murky. It's either about professional quilting or a spiritual journey that brings a family closer together. Sounds boring. I really wish that there were some kind of combat involved. (Movie Hole)More morning headlines…Big-screen Buffy to slay vamps without Joss Whedon? (Reuters)Avatar powersuit? (/Film)Steve Coogan planning an Alan Partridge film. (First Showing)Video of Jimmy Kimmel's Upfronts Comedy Jam. (Pajiba)Twitter: The TV Series. (TV Squad)

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The new website RunPee.Com has arrived and it's going to totally change theater-going as we know it. Imagine that you're watching Transformers 2 and your teeth are floating. You don't want to break away to the facility because you don't want to miss any blurry, confusing-to-look-at robot fights or any of Megan Fox's screentime. Those days are gone, friend. Thanks to RunPee, you now know the exact moment within a film that it is safe to excuse yourself and awkwardly step on all the toes in your row. We're one step closer to utopia. The future begins.On this Memorial Day, take a moment to remember those summer blockbusters that sucked balls. (Pajiba) Joe Dante gives up juicy Gremlins dirt. (Dread Central)New Land Of The Lost Clip Online. (MTV) Fan-made LEGO movie posters are pretty rad. (Specky Boy) Lyndsy Fonseca jumps in Hot Tub. (Empire) 

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Remember those non-amusing comic strips that came with that non-chewable gum you used to buy as a kid? Well, good news! Michael Eisner is bringing the adventures of Bazooka Joe to the big screen, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Every year thousands upon thousands of filmmakers struggle to get their work on screen and have their dreams crushed when they fail to do so. But for some reason, Bazooka Joe gets to be a movie. And it will probably be released in DIGITAL 3D.It's only a matter of time before we see something like this on the silver screen: Check out these other morning news pieces… Twilight star beats up fans. (Funny Or Die)Creature from Black Lagoon is now ragin' and rockin'. Frankenstein still amblin' and clobberin'. (Dread Central)First look at Airbender, a movie who's title sounds like fart slang. (/Film) Greatest TV Show Ever. (Holy Taco)Wayans Family Tree. (MTV)

Thursday Afternoon Link Time
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 The Best Movie Robots Ever (Pajiba)Will Smith Did Something Dull (FilmDrunk)The Dow Jones Yo (SickPigs)Inappropriate Ronald McDonald Photos (Manofest)Dee Lyla Is HOT (GorillaMask)Everyones Hitting The Recession (IAmBored)Carlos Mencia's Twittering? (Cracked)

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Bad news for Fringe fans, it seems that J.J. Abrams and Co. have dicked over Kirk Acevedo, the actor who plays Charlie on the series. Or I should say played Charlie on the series. io9 reports that he has been released from the series in order to make room for a brash, new female agent. It's a shame because Acevedo is a very talented and interesting performer who was consistently under-utilized on the sci-fi serial. He notified the world of his dismissal via his Facebook page.I, on the other hand, recently used Facebook to put forth this existential quandary, "Chinese food or go to gym????"Get all up in these morning headlines…Fanboys 2 to shoot next year, be released in 2017. (Cinema Blend) Somebody won American Idol. (TV Squad)5 Reasons Why the Terminator Franchise Doesn't Make No Sense. (Cracked)Will Spiderman 4 include Kirsten Dunst? (Latino Review)Voice of Mickey Mouse passes away. High-Pitch Eric waiting by the phone. (Reuters)

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Larry David Sings Happy Birthday – Watch more MOVIE TRAILERSIn this clip from Woody Allen's new film, Whatever Works, comedian Larry David washes his hands and sings the "Happy Birthday" song twice… then repeats the sequence two more times.  I guess the marketing department took one look at the movie's title before choosing a clip to send out.  Why The Terminator Franchise Is Confusing (Cracked)Look Through The Glass (Pajiba)Brianna Lee Is A Babe (SickPigs)The 100 Sexiest Video Game Babes Of All Time (Manofest)But You Told Me I Was The Man (MoondogSports)Chris Pontius To Star In New Sophia Coppola Film (FilmDrunk)Bianca Beauchamp Is Hot (GorillaMask)Massive Flying Shark Attack (IAmBored)Inglourius Basterds Clip (Filmofilia)Paramount Adapts Daemon (DreadCentral)Christian Bales Terminator Doodles (Holytaco)Sara Luppnio Is Sexy (BustedCoverage)Marissa Miller Bikini Pics (Uncoached)Is Fox Getting Smarter At Manipulating You? (Unreality)Jonathan Glazer Adapts Under The Skin (ThePlaylist)Swimming In Pavemet (TomOatmeal)Security Guard Kills Himself (NothingToxic)Khan Is A douchebag (AtomFilms)

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Bruce Willis is set to star in an interesting new thriller. In Grimm, Willis plays the new Police Chief of a small town. All is well until townspeople begin dying mysterious deaths a la fairy tales. Sounds pretty cool. And SCREENJUNKIES has an exclusive photo from the film. Take a look!That wolf had it coming.And here are more of your morning headlines…MacGruber!!!! (Pajiba)First clips from V. (io9) Spiderman 4 shooting soonish. (The Playlist) Pedro Almodovar is a P-I-M-P. (Yahoo) Ghostbusters 3 to cast Elisha Dushku??? Why not get, you know, somebody who can act? (/Film) 7 Completely Unrealistic Movie Plots That Came True. (Cracked)

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By the Unholy Thumbnail Depicting Willem Dafoe's Ass!  FilmDrunk reports that the new Mandrake the Magician film will see its titular hero escape from an SUV that's been dropped from a plane over the Burning Man Festival (hello, nudist acid tripper one-liner to end that scene), bust a rogue CIA agent out of a maximum secruity prison, and  confront the girl he's left behind.  This makes The Prestige look like a Lars Von Trier film.  The guy who directed Willem Dafoe's ASS in AntiChrist (see thumbnail).  I just came full circle. The Best Heinz Ketchup Interview (SickPigs)The 10 Hottest Daisy Dukes (Manofest)Spielberg And MLK Biopic (Pajiba)Jaclyn Denise Is HOT (GorillaMask)Dont Be Pee Shy (IAmBored)7 True And Unrealistic Movie Plots (Cracked)Broken Embraces Trailer (Filmofilia)Haunting In Conneticut Coming To July (DreadCentral)How To Hide Your Girlfriends Dog You Killed (Holytaco)Bikini Models Hit Manhattan (BustedCoverage)Annette Dawn Is Sexy (Uncoached)Retarded New Moon Poster (Unreality)AntiChrist Review features more Dafoe Ass (ThePlaylist)

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Variety reports that Steven Spielberg is set to produce a biopic about the life of inspiring civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.. The King Estate has granted Dreamworks unprecedented access to the intellectual property of Dr. King including his famous, "I Have A Dream" speech. It goes without saying that this is an important film and I sincerely hope that it is done intelligently and respectfully. In other words, don't let George Lucas near it.Check out more morning headlines. Michael Mann talks up his new talkie, Public Enemies. (The Playlist) Thor casts relative unknowns. (Superhero Hype)Transformers 2 pics roll out. (/Film) LOST characters come clean. (Cracked)Mystery Team finds a distributor. (CHUD) Don Pardo bids farewell. (TV Squad)

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According to the "like nachos, but zestier" Film Drunk, The Paris Hilton documentary Paris, Not France – soon to send a generation of geography teachers to suicidal lows – just released this three-minute teaser-trailer.  Read FD's in-depth analysis, which coins the soon-to-be-on-a-tee-shirt term, “PAPARAZZI ASS DILDO PARTY” here.Let's get this link party started! No denying Patricia Silveira Is A Hot Babe (SickPigs) Hilarious Water Skiing Monkeys (Manofest) Tom Hanks Is A Funny Guy (Pajiba) Angelina Christina's Spank Bank (GorillaMask) Watch The Dude With The Cell Phone (IAmBored) 18 More Disturbing Sex Toys (Cracked) Jim Carrey looks creepy In A Christmas Carol (Filmofilia) Fox Pulls The Plug On Sarah Connor Chronicles (DreadCentral) This Man Can Help You With Video Production (Holytaco) Brenda Lynn Is A Sexy Babe (BustedCoverage) Jenna Brooke Is A Hottie (Uncoached) Princess And The Frog Trailer (Unreality) Martin Short To Be In Arrested Development Movie (ThePlaylist) Employee Of The Month (TomOatmeal) Taxi Cuts Down Young Lady (NothingToxic) The Sexiest Chicks Of Summer (Chickipedia)

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Got a great idea for an animated holiday special? Well, Fox is seeking your submissions. From Reuters, the network has announced a contest where animators can submit holiday-inspired short films for cash prizes. The winner will receive a deal with the network that could lead to a show getting on the air. Here's my idea. Nobody steal it, okay?Here are more of your morning headlines…. Teri Hatcher regularly attacked by bees. (Cinema Blend) Porn Star Riley Steele in 3-D!!!! (Dread Central) V remake gets picked up. (io9)Dollhouse RENEWED (The Hollywood Reporter) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles CANCELED (EW)

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Head over to The Playlist to read the track listing for Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds soundtrack.  It's got more Morricone music than a Spaghetti Western marathon.  BUT!  None of the Oscar-winner's tracks were recorded for Basterds. Sounds like Quentin's pulling another Kill Bill with this record and finding places to fit classical Morricone cues into a brand new film.  Worked well enough for me the last time around; I've still got the Kill Bill soundtracks in heavy rotation.  Except for the Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique Sound effects.  Those don't go over too well at house parties. Let's see… what else?  Oh yeah:Patricia Silveira Is A Hottie (SickPigs)Kevin Smith And The Bong Of Tears (FilmDrunk)Rachel Nichols Is Sexy (Manofest)Cowabunga! (Pajiba)Jenna Brooke Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)This Is The Coolest Tombstone You'll Ever See (IAmBored)5 Junk Piles That Actually Were Something (Cracked)Trailer for Looking For Eric (Filmofilia)DVD Art For The Mutant Chronicles (DreadCentral)10 Letters From Satan (Holytaco)Ben Dover To Comment On Financial News (BustedCoverage)A Girl Named Aerin Is Smoking Hot (Uncoached)THe Road Trailer (Unreality)

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Renowned boner-causer Monica Bellucci has just joined the cast of Sorcerer's Apprentice. Variety reports that she will play the part of Nicolas Cage's long-lost love in the film. Upon hearing this news, Cage let out an involuntary "SCHWIIIINNNGGGG!!!", before shuffling out of the room using his script to hide the bulge in his khakis.Here are some more eye-popping morning headlines.Stan Bush re-records 'The Touch' for Transformers 2 soundtrack. Outcome is hilarious. (/Film) John Ratzenberger drives the ladies INSANE. (Cinema Blend) Johnny Depp might play Sinatra. Somewhere Joe Piscopo weeps. (Cinematical) America, meet The Fatchelor. (TV Squad) SNL's Casey Wilson hits the boards. (Funny Or Die)

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/Film reports that despite the upcoming Jekyll film project starring Keanu Reeves, Bad Lieutenant director Abel Ferrara is moving forward with his own retelling of the classic tale. Jekyll and Hyde is set to star Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent as the cursed doctor in a contemporary retelling. Clearly they missed the boat on casting. 50 Cent as Mr. Hyde? They should have cast Mike Tyson. Wouldn't even need no make-up.Check out some more of these morning headlines. Lost Season 5: Hurley's Greatest Hits. (io9) Hanging With Mr. Danza. (NY Post) Fright Night to be remade, more frightening. (Empire) Toy Story 3 crosses over Up. (MTV) Expendables reveils tough new artwork. Grrr. *cough cough* Ouch. I pulled something. (Latino Review)

Wednesday Afternoon Link Dump
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Sly Is Back! (FilmDrunk)The Terriblest Laugh Ever (Manofest)Brazil Was A Cool Movie (Pajiba)This Waitress Shoots A Customer (SickPigs)Rachel Leslie Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)Cat Crosses The Line (IAmBored)22 Awesome Ways To Quit Your Job (Cracked)

Evan Daugherty Is Scripting He-Man Movie
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Just in from Movie Web, newcomer Evan Daughtery has been hired to pen the new He-Man film, Grayskull. I know that many of you may be worried but don't fret. He has found a way to take the already gay story of He-Man and make it infinitely gay. In the re-imagining "Adam is a soldier who sets off to find his destiny, happening upon the magical world of Eternia. There, Skeletor has raised a technological army and is bent on eradicating magic.” So yeah. Take that magic.No star has been attached yet but I'm pulling for this guy. You can do it buddy!Here are more morning headlines. Megan Fox loves girls who love girls. (Cinema Blend)Sit Down, Shut Up gets shipped out. (Playlist) Sly Stallone almost missed his flight. (AICN) Christopher Lloyd is going to have an unfortunate Spring Break. (Bloody Disgusting) Van Damme broin' out with Vinnie Jones (The Hollywood Reporter)

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Forty-seven years ago today, Emilio Estevez was brought into this world, and its destiny was changed for the better.  In your honor, Screenjunkies is digitally hanging this lovely Young Guns painting on our walls forever, or until the future predicted in Freejack becomes a reality and we can replace it with a hologram of Mick Jagger (image courtesy of artist and calligrapher Terri Alsobrook).Here are some free links, jack: Keyboard Cat Plays Himself Off (SickPigs)Every Man's Fantasy Comes True (Manofest)The Best TV Drunks Ever (Pajiba)Christina Stefanidi Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)Amazing Attempt At Human Flying (IAmBored)6 Movies Based On True Strories That Are Bullshit (Cracked)Christopher Lloyd Is A Piranha Expert (DreadCentral)Flowchart For Lying To Your Girlfriend (HolyTaco)Remember When Baseball Wasn't Messed Up? (BustedCoverage)Jeska Vardinski Is An Angel (Uncoached)American Gladiators MOVIE!!! (Unreality)New Doctor Parnassus Photo (ThePlaylist)

Kym Johnson
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Down below we have the trailer for Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, the movie that dares ask 'What would happen if a giant octopus fought a mega shark?' The trailer features the colossal sea creatures attacking submarines, boats, oil rigs, jets, commercial flights, and San Francisco. And Earth's only hope is Lorenzo Lamas. *Sigh* Maybe it's not too late to strike some kind of deal with Giant Octopus.   Here are your other morning headlines: Hulu too good to be true. (NY Mag) Aziz Ansari calls out Digital IMAX. (/Film) MTV Movie Awards presenters announced. (MTV) Trek writers explain lack of Shatner. (io9) Where The Wild Things Blog (Latino Review)

Cheryl Burke
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Monday Afternoon Link Dump
Monday, May 11 by

The 10 Coolest TV Characters Of All Time (Pajiba)Packers And Bengals On The Rebound (MoonDogSports)HumpDay Is All About Humping Chicks (FilmDrunk)London Harts Spank Bank (GorillaMask)5 Bastardizations Of Wikipedia (Cracked)Call Of Duty Movie? (Filmofilia)

Monday, May 11 by

In an effort to further remove all suspense from Terminator Salvation, Warner Brothers has released 59 new photos from the upcoming release. I swear we'll have seen every frame of this film before it hits theaters. Anyway, I've decided to post the most surprising of all.Apparently we were fools to ever have trusted Vicki the Robot.See the rest of the pics at /Film.And here are some more morning headlines.As his star rises, Joel McHale's aspirations do not. (Cinema Blend) Common to be horribly miscast as B.A. Baracus? (Movie Hole)Willie probes ALF a la David Lynch. (Warming Glow)What the world needs more than anything right now is another dull and uninspired H2 poster. (Filmofilia)A LOST movie could happen. But probably won't. But it could. (Latino Review)

Friday Afternoon Link Time
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This Guy Is The Best Shower Singer (FilmDrunk)Italians Rule The Blogosphere (MoonDogSports)Happy Mothers Day, Danzig Style (SickPigs)25 Sexy Female Mugshots (Manofest)I Wanna Be Captain Kirk (Pajiba)Sandy Scott Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)Pregnant Teens Dance (IAmBored)

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Of course the big news this weekend is that the J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Trek is playing in wide-release. Reviews have been glowing so far and the movie is sure to rake in the Earth bucks and be a smash hit. Finally! Thanks so much for making Trek sexy and cool. Now I can wear my Spock ears in public without the fear of getting a front-wedgie. Here are more morning headlines…WEREWOLF: THE SERIES finally coming to DVD!!! (Dread Central) Bruce Willis is Obsessed with Beyonce and lawn care. (NY Mag)District 9 teaser poster is not welcoming. (Yahoo)Mike Tyson sings! Please auto-tune. Kthxbai. (The Playlist) Sin City 2: City Of Sin in the works. (Latino Review)More MAD TV. God. Please, why?! (TV Squad) Happy Mother's Day! (THR)

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  You want to see the new Star Trek, don't you? Don't you?!?! Ok then. Just Google 'star trek showtimes,' and pick from the lot. In the 25 mile radius of theatres around my house, Star Trek is being shown 89 times tonight between it's premiere at 7pm and the midnight screenings. Oh look–There's even a theater playing it every minute! Heck, why not avoid the costumed drunken Klingons and just see it at 3am tomorrow morning on IMAX? And what about you, Enterprise, AL? Or even you, 'Captain' Kirkland, WA? Bottom line, it's playing everywhere, all the the time. And it's going to kick ass. So get your damn tickets already (they're going fast).KHAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!In preparation for tonight's festivities, read our review of the film, or check out some Trek video delights after the jump:

DMX With A Bazooka Morning News
Thursday, May 7 by

io9 has uncovered a few clips from the awfulsome direct-to-DVD movie, Lockjaw. I've embedded one of the scenes below. It features DMX fighting a voodoo-created snake-alligator using only his wits and a bazooka. That synopsis is pretty much the tattoo that I was planning on getting. Just watch it already.Lockjaw – Watch more Funny VideosBill Maher uncovers the Susan Boyle sex-tape. (TV Squad)   Kiefer Sutherland probably still drinking. (National Ledger)   Rambo shirt will get you killed everywhere except Mexico. (Cinematical) Ninja trailer looks pretty all right. (Cinema Blend) Whatever Works poster highlights LD's junk. (First Showing)

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Give em Hell Malone Cannes Trailer – Watch more Funny VideosCheck out the Cannes trailer for Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames in Give 'em Hell, Malone, a Dashiell Hammet-inspired detective flick directed by Russell Mulcahey, who also helmed The Scorpion King 2, Resident Evil: Extinction and AC/DC: Family Jewels. The shameless title of this post is in reference to a character's line at about 1:54 in the clip, a line that has already solidified its place on a tee-shirt and bumper sticker somewhere, I'm sure. Frightening Star Trek Fans (Manofest) Lucy Pinder poses nude with Wolverine claws.  (FilmDrunk) Supreme Court Nominee Effects Sports Law (MoonDogSports) Jenna Lee Fox Business Network Interview (WallStreetFighter) Frank The Tank Joins 'Neighborhood Watch' (Pajiba) Misty Dawns Spank Bank (GorillaMask) Awesome Star Wars Wedding (IAmBored) 10 Popular Porn Scenarios (Cracked) Transformers 2 News (filmofilia) Clash Of The Titans Set Pics (DreadCentral) Office Etiquette Instruction (HolyTaco) Kentucky Derby Bikini (BustedCoverage) Snow Monkeys Are Too Human Like (Uncoached) Ryan Reynolds Is DeadPool (Unreality) What To Do If You Notice You're On Fire (TomOatmeal) Doctor Parnassus Screens In L.A. (ThePlaylist) Dude Fails At Carnival Hammer (NothingToxic)

Strike A Robo-Pose Morning News
Wednesday, May 6 by

There are new Transformers 2 one sheets up over at Yahoo. The posters feature battle-damaged Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Starscream. Coming soon to a movie theater lobby or nerd's bedroom near you! Big Dork has a big dork in MTV's new Hard Times. (Hollywood Reporter)Dom DeLuise has shuffled off this mortal coil. (Empire)Deadpool spin-off! A spin-off of a spin-off? That's the movie equivalent of thinning the gene pool. (Latino Review)Sam Rockwell is the brains. (The Playlist)Will Ferrell is watching you. (First Showing)

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