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I don't know what's funnier: Common's awkward foray into postmodern comedy or Christopher Mintz-Plasse looking like he's about to squirt poop his tighty whities while delivering Denzel Washington's Oscar-winning "King Kong aint' got sh*t on me" speech to a bunch of legitimately street looking black dudes.  Either way, this video was worth five minutes of my time.  Then again, I run a movie and TV website. Pretty much anything is worth my time. [via CineMash]King Kong Ain't Got Sh*t on 'Deez Links! Karli Madeline Is Flossin' (Gorillamask) If Michael Vick Had A Comic Book (Holytaco) James McAvoy Diagnosed With Fictitious Cancer (Filmdrunk) Pitbull Displays Violent Love (Manofest) Bruce Lee Bobblehead Has Got The Moves (Walyou) Dr. House Wrote A Spy Thriller Novel (Pajiba) 6 Animals That Can Get You High (Cracked) The Mad Hot Women Of Mad Men (Coedmagazine) Obama Is Bipolar (Sickpigs) The Hottest College Girls In America (Maxim) Naomi Campbell May Or May Not Have A Penis (Celebjihad) Which Light Beer Makes You The Least Like A Pussy (Mademan) Randy Couture Has Nothing Else To Prove (Cagepotato) Felicia Day Spanked With Jewel Encrusted Sword (Unreality) District 9 didn't show us How to Torture an Alien Properly.  This does. (Asylum) Keeping Tabs On Favre (Bustedcoverage) The Latest In Celebrity Look-Alikes (Uncoached) Kills Sorority Sisters With A Tire Iron (Theta Pi Must Die Game) A Boxing KO That's A Real Knockout (Regretful Morning) NCAA'S Respect Weekend Could Get No Respect (Moondogsports) Stuff Hipsters HATE (Heeb Magazine) Cracking American English (Atomfilms) Fan-Made Tron Legacy Poster (Filmofilia)

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This has nothing to do with anything screen related other than you will watch it on a screen… at your own risk, by the way.  But not since the Teletubbies has Britain come out with filmed content as terrifying as this PSA warning of the dangers of texting while driving. [via Buzzfeed]If the sight of three teenage girls being torn apart in a horrible automotive accident that started with one harmless LOL makes you sick to your stomach… might we suggest you check out our less offensive Nazi Killing Movies feature.  Otherwise, enjoy, you sick bastard.  And remember: THE Final Destination opens in a week.Here are todays not so twisted links: Mary Alison Is Half-Naked In Various Locations (Gorillamask)'Should I Get A Divorce' Flowchart (Holytaco)Bryan Singer Takes On Battlestar (Filmdrunk)50 Sexiest Celebrity Bikini Photos (Manofest)Snake Eyes Mask And Sword Set = You're A Ninja (Walyou)When In Rome Do As Kristen Bell Does (Pajiba)5 Most Badass Presidents of All-Time (Cracked)The Gorgeous Girls Of G4TV (Coedmagazine)Jesus Can Be A Friend Of Yours Too (Sickpigs)Women In Corsets Should Take Deep Breaths (Maxim)We ALMOST Got A Peak At Megan Fox's Nipple (Celebjihad)Learn The Signs Of PMS And Steer Clear (Mademan)Joe Rogan Drinks His Own Urine (Cagepotato)Top 10 Baddest Girl Posses In Cinema (Unreality)Do Your Part And Vote For The Manliest Restaurant In America (Asylum)Jay Glazer Likes To Hang With Ugly Chicks (Bustedcoverage)Run Faster At The Running Of The Bulls (Uncoached)Sex Toys That Are Guaranteed To Make You Flacid (Regretfulmorning)Watch Gina Carano Work It Out (Bachelorguy)12 Of De Niro's Best Scenes (Moondogsports)Panic On The Streets Of London (Nothingtoxic)The Puppet Rodeo Is In Town (Atomfilms)4 New 'Extract' TV Spots (Filmofilia)

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THIS IS A WARNING.  If you've come to this page with the intention of being aroused you should turn back now.  You saw the word "NUDE" and thought everything was going to be hunky-dory, but you are sorely mistaken.  There are no perky breasts or tight rumps to be found here, my friends.  We're about to showcase a few outstanding nude scenes that won't leave you standing at attention.  Sometimes they're for a laugh, sometimes they're for dramatic effect, but all of them are guaranteed to make you…uncomfortable.  So here's your heads up, Screen Junkies.  If you're watching any of these films below and gross, grey anatomy pops onto screen, don't say we didn't warn you. Kathy Bates in About Schmidt

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Over the past decade, reality shows have taken over the airwaves. Some are genuine and engaging. Others are exploitative and sink to new lows never experienced previously on television. In honor of More To Love, FOX's new big person dating show, we've put together a list of reality shows that have pushed the boundaries of good taste whether with their content or their marketing. Take a look at the tastless, mean, and misunderstood.  WHO'S YOUR DADDY?

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Astro Boy is rocket-booting its way toward an October release and I couldn't be more excited. I've been searching for an awesome robot fix since The Iron Giant and The Day The Earth Stood Still just didn't cut muster. So I say hurry up October! Anyhow, we've got 6 sweet-looking new stills that offer first looks at a few of the film's characters including Dr. Tenma, President Stone, and Dr. Elefun (voiced by Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, and Bill Nighy respectively). The official site also offers an interactive timeline which traces Astro Boy's 60 year history. Check out the pics after the jump, including one of Astro Boy enjoying the android version of a golden shower.Don Cheadle talks War Machine. (Latino Review)Rats of NIMH remake infesting theaters. (MTV)Ninja Assassin poster is all kinds of ninja-y. (First Showing)Timothy Olyphant is a Lawman once again. (TV Squad)FAN-MADE: Ghostbusters 1954. (io9) CHECK OUT THE PICS!!!

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It's finally here: Comic-Con 2009!  Whether you're reading this from the comfort of your living room in the Midwest, or the comfort of a hard sidewalk as you wait in line for the NEW MOON panel, your heart has to be racing for all the fun in store these next few days.  Screen Junkies will be there the entire time, quick on the draw with our Twitter, and posting updates right here on the site. To kick off the convention, we thought we'd offer a word to the wise attendee.  In the below video clip, Kevin Smith shows us why you never heckle a man with a microphone.  His voice projects a lot louder than yours, and that includes when he makes fun of your mother.  So remember fans, well thought out inquires only.      Note: If you have trouble viewing the video click here.

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  Out of the 30,000 movies produced each year only 700 see theatrical distribution. If you do the math correctly, that means that there are exactly one gazillion movies that very few people see — movies that have their own charms whether those charms be a skewed sense of humor or a dude jacking off onto a chicken. For every watered down family-friendly blowstravaganza like Wild Hogs, there's a truly brilliant gem that has only found itself a small but loyal group of fans. We've turned over a few rocks and come up with trailers for ten crazy little cult flicks.  RUBIN AND ED

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 We don't post a lot of music videos here on – nor do we post anything about Coldplay after 40-Year-Old Virgin seemed to ruin them for most guys with one innocent line of bro banter.  But you can't deny that their music videos are almost always decidedly the opposite of Seth Rogen's assessment of the band.  So, enjoy this music video for the band's newest single, "Strawberry Swing."  And if you don't like Coldplay, just turn down the volume and crank up that Indigo Girls iTunes Essentials collection you use to kick start your mornings.

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We know you're sick of hearing about Michael Jackson, but this was too bizarre to pass up. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Jackson loved the movies, so much so that he wanted to produce, direct, and star in them. The first part of the above video shows Michael interviewing the author of a book entitled They Cage the Animals at Night that he wanted to adapt, but it's the second part that caught our attention. In the movie "Miss Castaway and the Island Girls," Jackson briefly appears as Agent A.J. who comes to rescue the characters on a beam of light: Beam up the rest of this morning's links…Raimi enters into The World of Warcraft (Cinematical)A Comic-Con preview with pretty pictures (USA Today)Harry Potter directors by the numbers (First Showing)Bousman gets into real estate (Variety)Abdul might be out of Idol (Cinema Blend) 

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According to FilmDrunk, a 14-year-old boy has been drinking gasoline for five years so he can be like his hero "Optimus Prime." Back in my day if you got excited by a movie you had your mom drive you over to Toys R Us and you screamed and kicked until she bought the toy you wanted. You didn't grab a lenth of garden hose and siphon gas out of your Dad's Kawasaki. Apparently the gasoline has made the kid dumber and he can no longer do math. Sounds to me like someone's just trying to sneak in an extra year of high school…Make some wise decisions this morning with these links…Charlize Theron may make Atlas shrug (Hollywood Reporter)G.I. Joe doesn't suck? (Collider)The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles get a rewrite (JoBlo)Nic Cage gets gangsta for The Green Hornet (Variety)Funny comedians recreate Point Break (/Film)

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Passion of the Christ / Pay It Forward actor Jim Caviezel was injured over the weekend when a crazy person threw a bicycle into the path of his motorcycle. He suffered a few scrapes but is expected to recover. Mel Gibson is rumored to really miss his bike. BA-DOOP-CHOOM!! (via Reuters)More heavenly morning links…Futurama may recast original cast. Bender now played by a Japanese guy. (Variety)Get to know Astro Boy. (First Showing)Movie Monster Size-Chart. (io9)Leonardo DiCaprio wants to remake The Twilight Zone Movie. (Empire)Danny Devito head exploded. Perfectly good shirt ruined. (Cinema Blend)

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Kathie Lee is a Creep – Watch more Funny VideosEverything Is Terrible unearthed this video of Kathie Lee Gifford giving a walkthrough of her homelife under the guise of a workout video. To say that the footage is scary and bizarre is an understatement. Her home and humor seem beyond weird and this really makes me worry about young Cody and Cassidy and what they're up to nowadays. Law enforcement would be wise to keep an eye on the Gifford kids. Leatherface had a more normal upbringing than them.

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Chances are strong that you'll be spending the weekend watching your favorite wizard. And if this guy is busy then you'll probably be watching Harry Potter. Or maybe you're too busy clicking away for your chance to win Watchmen: The Director's Cut. But if you're not, have a gander at these programs we've hand-selected for your viewing pleasure.FIND OUT WHAT TO WATCH AFTER THE JUMP…

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ComingSoon has premiered a new photo from Wes Anderson's adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic children's tale The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The film centers on a fox who squares off in a battle of wits against three dimwitted farmers. Animation is a bit of a departure for Anderson but his meticulous attention to detail seems well-suited for this work. I'm not totally clear as to why the fox is masturbating in the above photo.Blow off some steam with these morning links…First (non-blurry) look at Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2. (/Film)Judd Apatow interviews Adam Sandler. (First Showing)Pitchmen will go on with Billy Mays III. (TV Squad)Machete adds DeNiro. (Bloody Disgusting)Left 4 (Shaun of the) Dead. (Joystiq)

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Here we have the trailer for Blood and Bone. The film tells the story of Isiah Bone, a man fresh out of prison who enters the Los Angeles underground street fighting scene in order to bring down a local mob boss because God told him too. That seems all well and good and totally batsh*t but what I want to know is, why do characters in movies like this always have the sloppiest parole officers? The guy's out there kicking people to death left and right. And how did he even get out of prison in the first place? Is kicking Kimbo Slice considered good behavior? (via IGN) Knuckle up and throw down with these morning links… First (blurry) look at Scarlett Johansson in Iron Man 2. (/Film) Harry Potter conjures up box office magic. (Empire) Darren Aronofsky chooses ballet over RoboCop. (The Playlist) Hack/Slash nabs a director. (Cinematical) The Arquettes sign on for Scream 4. (Cinema Blend)

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The teaser trailer for next summer's Despicable Me has arrived online and has accomplished what Michael Bay could not… it destroys the Pyramid of Giza. Well, an inflatible facsimile but still. Not much is revealed about the actual plot but it looks like it could be a fun ride. The film stars Steve Carrell, Danny McBride, Kristin Wiig and four of the other fifteen people that are in every comedy. I guess Jason Bateman and Bill Hader weren't invited to this party. Check the teaser out down below. DESPICABLE ME Trailer #1 – Watch more Funny VideosHave a look at these morning links…Harry vs. Voldemort: The Rap Battle. (/Film)Contestant on The Bachelorette is "camera shy." (NY Mag) THE STATE ON DVD!!!! (TV Squad)Emily Blunt joins Matt Damon in the Investment Bureau. (THR)Producer sues LOST for intellectual property theft. If he wins, Gilligan's Island is owed a mint.  (TMZ)

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/Film has been covering Gallery 1988's Crazy4Cult Art show for some time now. Now they have uncovered this completely awesome UHF poster created by artist Tom Whalen. In my mind, I've always likened maintaining a website such as this to the task laid out for Weird Al's George Newman character. Maybe someday we'll be immortalized in poster form. Perhaps one where we can has cheezburger?Turn your dial to these morning links…Natalie Portman is in Thor. (Film Drunk)Vanessa Hudgens will de-frock in Sucker Punch. (Metro UK) Curl up with Mary-Louise Parker. (Pajiba)Jason Statham takes on a serial killer. (Cinematical)The training has paid off. You can be in the Ninja Turtles movie! (Cinema Blend)Morgan Spurlock will expose The Simpsons. (MTV)

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There's been a lot of controversy over the look of Destro's mask in the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Fans and baby crows alike are concerned that it just won't be shiny enough. Well, you can set those worries aside. UGO received an exclusive first look at a drawing… of the toy… based off the actor… playing the role of the cartoon. And here it is: I'm confused as to why they would model him after Marcia Cross though. Look at these shiny morning headlines… Todd Phillips hires Zach Galifianakis for his next two projects. (Cinema Blend) New 9 trailer makes burlap the hottest fabric this season. (io9) The Foot Clan are back in action. (First Showing) Napoleon Dynamite wants to be the next Tyler Perry. (Variety) Eli Roth is missing Thanksgiving this year. (Cinematical)

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FUNNY PEOPLE Red Band Trailer – Watch more Funny Videos Here we have the red-band trailer for Judd Apatow's Funny People. In this release they've taken the focus off all that cancer/dying bidness in order to focus on the jokes. And, well… honestly the stand-up in this clip is a little weak. I'm really hoping that the filmmakers are saving the best punchlines for the film itself because I really want this movie to be great. Unfortunately right now I have to agree with that humorless German at the trailer's end. Sorry. "Humorless German" is a redundant term. Check out this morning's top headlines… Megan Fox is all teeth. (Dread Central) Cameron Diaz is considering Green Hornet role. (EW) Syfy wants to bring Quantum Leap back(ula). (Pajiba) Larry King don't believe in no ghosts. (TV Squad) Season two of Dollhouse already getting the dizzick. (NY Mag)

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A tipster wrote in to Latino Review to report a strange publicity stunt that they witnessed over the Fourth of July weekend. New Jersey beachgoers were surprised when a black helicopter emblazoned with the GI Joe logo appeared and hovered over the water. A stunt person then dangled from a rope ladder on the bottom of the copter.That's definitely a strange way to promote your movie. I heard that further north in Paramus they actually had Storm Shadow cut some people in half. More morning news for yous… Aaron Sorkin Wrote A Facebook Script. Several people like this. (/Film) SNL's MacGruber adds Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillipe. (Cinema Blend) Tobey Maguire is at war with raccoons. (Empire) 100 Bullets adaptation may be headed to HBO. (MTV)El Superbeasto goes straight to DVD. (Cinematical)

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Today beginning at 9:30 a.m. PST, 12:30 p.m. EST Hulu will live stream Michael Jackson's Memorial Service. Stevie Wonder, Al Sharpton, Brooke Shields, Smokey Robinson, Berry Gordy, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and John Mayer amongst others will be appearing as eulogizers. I only hope that Mayer knows this is the wrong venue to try out his stand-up material. [via The Business Insider]Morning headlines that won't cause epic gridlock… Zach Galifianakis plots his takeover of Hollywood. (Reuters) Baywatch is getting the big screen treatment. (First Showing) Lost loses its best writer. (NY Mag) Sly talks The Expendables. (Latino Review) A Christmas Carol poster is SMOKIN'! (Cinema Blend) Is Michael Jackson's ghost haunting Neverland Ranch? (Dread Central)

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Though it has already been released in Europe and Asia, Tony Jaa's Ong Bak 2 has yet to find an American theatrical release date. I've posted a new trailer below that shows off Jaa's ability to kick both man and beast in the face. Hopefully the Weinstein company will release it later this year. Otherwise fans should start a grassroots campaign where they send knees to Harvey Weinstein's face. [via First Showing] Warning: No other morning headline features alligator-fighting… Gory photos from The Final Destination. (DVD Forum) Tony Stark has a sweet ride. (Latino Review) Unnecessary T.J. Hooker movie in the works. (Variety) Turkish gameshow attempts to convert atheists. (Reuters)

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Twitch has premiered the trailer for RoboGeisha and it's pretty much the strangest and best thing you will ever see. A lot of my friends are into dating Asian girls but I've always held out because I was afraid that they might transform into a half-woman, half-tank killing machine. This trailer only reinforces that fear.  I'm just curious. Who provided that voice over? Sean Michael Costello??Morning news that won't stab your eyes with fried shrimp…Sony gears up for a Resident Evil sequel. (First Showing) View Master is now a movie. There are officially no more ideas in Hollywood. (Coming Soon) The Genesis of Arnold's Kill Lines. (Holy Taco) Nick Fury is all talk. (Latino Review) Heathers sequel still ain't happenin'. (Empire)

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As everyone is aware by now we lost both Michael Jackson and Billy Mays within days of one another this past week. The wake of this double tragedy has pointed to corellations between the two men that we would not have noticed otherwise. Take a look, if you will, at the side-by-side similarities below and let us know whether these are mere coincidence or if Michael Jackson and Billy Mays are intertwined on a cosmic level. 

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Former G-Unit rapper The Game may be ready to join the A-Team according to this article from ComingSoon. The Joe Carnahan-directed reboot has yet to find it's B.A. Baracus with a number of names having been thrown into the ring so far. Common, Ice Cube, and "Rampage" Jackson have all come up in casting discussions. The Game is my favorite of these options. I feel like he could really bring to the screen the intimidating please-don't-kill-me vibe that this role needs (a lot more than Common anyway).But let's face the fact that no one will be able to fill Mr. T's shoes. Therefore they should just cast the man himself. He'd be willing to do it. Heck, he was willing to be in this picture.We're so happy together, you guys!Hate it or love it. It's the morning news…These pictures are Kick Ass. (/Film)There's a guy named Nimrod Antal. Also, he's directing the Predator reboot. (Latino Review)Asteroids: The Videgame is now Asteroids: The Movie (THR)Original cast still holding out the hope for a Goonies sequel. (SciFiWire)Alien Nation remake could be the next big thing. (io9)

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This one's kind of out of left field but there are rumors over at Daily Stab that Hollywood is interested in bringing the life of Billy Mays to the big screen. You can and should take this one with a grain of salt. I'm taking it with an entire shaker. Steve Carell is being looked at to play the lead with Owen Wilson in consideration for the role of his best friend, Anthony Sullivan. No word yet on who is playing the Sham Wow Guy but my money's on Danny Glover. That and Nelson Mandela are the roles he was born to play.Take a gander at these news links…Final season of Lost will be longer than originally planned. (THR)The Life and Death of Jeff Goldblum. (TV Squad)Couple's Retreat trailer. (First Showing)Matt Damon's The Informant trailer. (Apple)How To Determine Your Favorite Summer Blockbuster. (Holy Taco) Chris Klein is an ACTOR. (Latino Review)

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Film School Rejects has posted the first pics of Megan Fox in Diablo Cody's latest Jennifer's Body. In the film, Fox stars as a high school cheerleader turned blood-thirsty, demonic cannibal after she is improperly sacrificed to Satan. This information just helps to reinforce my theory that Satan is a total dick.The photos below show her in both sexy cheerleader and battle-damage mode.Sink your teeth into these stories…Let The Right One In to be unnecessarily Americanized. (Dread Central) Robert Downey Jr saves background actor from killer robots. (Cinema Blend)A Couple Of Dicks adds a couple more. (Empire)American Werewolf in London to be remade, possibly ruined. (Variety) Amy Adams joins The Fighter. (/Film)

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Television's ultimate pitchman has passed away. Billy Mays, the charismatic and clamorous infomercial host died in his sleep after sustaining a head injury during a rough plane landing this past weekend. The very likeable Mays is currently co-starring with Anthony Sullivan on the Discovery Channel show Pitchmen. This really is such a shame. It's always sad to see someone cut down while their star is on the rise. His contributions to the tapestry of television will be sorely missed. (Variety)And on a side note, can we please put a stop to all of these recent high profile deaths? Keyboard Cat's paws are gonna fall off at this rate.Here are some other morning headlines… GI Joe's newest character poster: Scarlett. (Film School Rejects)Warner Bros announces their Comic Con line-up. (/Film)Picard and Sisco look-a-likes to open Star Trek restaurant. (io9)80's Movie Montages That Make No Damn Sense. (Cracked)Michael Bay to Megan Fox: I made you. (The Playlist)

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As evidenced by the lazily-Photoshopped image above, The King of Pop is no longer with us. Expect this news to take over the airwaves for the next few days as the networks scramble to bring their tributes to the screen. Despite his controversial life and the fact that he often dressed like a Batman villian, we here at Screen Junkies would like to seperate the art from the artist. His talents and legend cannot be denied and will live on through his amazing music.We wanted to play this post out with Thriller, his most cinematic and memorable video, but the embedding is disabled by request. So… here's the Indian version. Trust us, you'll hardly notice the difference. Less bummerific morning news…Michael Bay doesn't drive to work, he skydives to work. (io9)Stupid economy forces Tron Guy to sell his Tron Plane. (eBay)Amelia trailer swoops in. (Empire) If Undead weren't so bad, I'd give Daybreakers a shot. (First Showing)TMZ pwns CNN (HitFix) 

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