To say that Oprah and Diablo are a divisive pair of celebrities would be an understatement. While Diablo Cody is hated by people who realize "TEENAGERS JUST DON'T TALK LIKE THAT!" Oprah is hated mostly because people just don't understand or like her cult of personality. (Because really, who can hate Oprah the woman, the goddess, the aura?)

The show will be on HBO, which is probably good news, as the network probably wouldn't even let these two coast, which could push them to make something sort of cool. It will be based on the book Moody Bitches: The Truth About The Drugs You're Taking, The Sex You're Not Having, The Sleep You're Missing, And What's Really Making You Crazy.  You know it will be super popular because assertive, sassy women are taking the word "bitch" and making it theirs, and there's no sex modern women aren't having because they fuck EVERYTHING to demonstrate their empowerment, but not because they're sluty. In fact, you konw what? They are slutty, and they're making "slutty" their word as well.

This will mark HBO's 18th show premised around moody bitches.