WGN, the Chicago "Superstation" that I'm mostly familiar with due to Bozo the Clown and Saved by the Bell reruns, has had enough of being made a fool by most every other cable channel with its own shows about the 1960's, motorcycle gangs, Kentucky marshals, people named Rizzoli, and people named Isles.

One foray will be titled Manhattan and will be a 1940's period piece about the people behind the advent of the atomic bomb, which follows the announcement of Salem, a show about witches and the trials that try them. Or something. The channel touts "supernatural romance and action" with this one, which means that it will be as though Charmed and True Blood had a lovechild. Which is to say it will suck.

I guess they just glossed right over the idea of making Bozo a morally ambiguous anti-hero. Unfortunate.