From the desk of shameless nostalgia grabs: The cast of Nickelodeon's short-lived and somewhat, kinda-adored live-action TV series Hey Dude took place over the weekend. And all we got was this grainy picture.

For the ATX Television Festival, the now-adult actors got together, including the guy who play Mr. Enrnst and Christine Taylor, who is pretty famous for being Ben Stiller's wife and appearing in a lot of his films. She was also Sally Sitwell from Arrested Development, which makes her awesome.

Several of the cast are long-retired from acting, including the guy who played the Native America ranchhand, Danny. In fact, Danny wasn't there because "no one really knows where he is." So, I guess that means Danny's dead or just deep off the grid. Let's hope it's the latter.


Anyway, here's a link to the video, but you might as well just save your time and assume it was pleasant and boring, just like the show.