Since David Letterman has publicly decided to hang up his blue notecards sometime in 2015, the fate of the Late Show has been the subject of wild speculation. While many are wondering WHO the host of the show will be, the mayors of both LA and NYC are far more concerned with WHERE the show will take place. Historically, these things haven't moved much, but Fallon's graduation took The Tonight Show from LA to NYC, so now all bets are off.

The day after the announcement, LA mayor Eric Garcetti reached out to CBS head honcho Les Moonves to urge the show to find its way to LA, and a few days ago, NYC mayor Bill de Blasio urged Moonves to stay put, citing the success of NYC as a backdrop for Late Show.

While LA certainly has more trappings as an entertainment town, there's something about the energy level of NYC, especially with Letterman's street segments, that the likes of Jay Leno could never really replicate on the sidewalks of Hollywood Blvd or Universal Studios. However, it will probably come down to who hosts the show, and not what mayors want.