NBC, after about a decade of woeful network practices and strategic decisions, has experienced a bit of success recently, but unfortunately that has translated into a false sense of confidence. Confidence in the belief that comic books are supposed to be adaptations of proven popular TV shows and movies, and not the other way around.

NBC has announced that all the properties listed in the headline will become comic books. So if you were, over 20 years later, gunning for a Punky Brewster comic book. Congratulations, you giant weirdo. You got your wish. Now go finish knitting that fake chainmail for your cat.

Airwolf will debut in September, then the following titles will follow sequentially, with each title having an eight-issue run.

Ok. With this news, it's probably time to start drinking nonstop for the next four days. Which isn't to say I'm done posting, just that I'll be drunk as I do.