AMC’s “Mad Men” cast is filled with extraordinarily talented actors. The flawed characters get caught up in the challenging, changing world of the 1960s. With style and grace, the actors personify the inner turmoil of that decade.

  1. Jon Hamm. As Don Draper, the main character in the “Mad Men” cast, Jon Hamm embodies self-confidence and a suave demeanor. Despite Draper’s heavy drinking and double identity, Hamm makes Draper appear smooth and heroic. He has also appeared as Liz Lemon’s love interest in NBC’s “30 Rock.”

  2. Christina Hendricks. Playing Joan Harris, Christina Hendricks lights up the story with her cool attitude and hot figure. This striking redhead looks absolutely stunning in her dresses as she battles sexism in the firm. Hendricks is the sex symbol in the “Mad Men” cast.

  3. Elisabeth Moss. Peggy Olson, played by Elisabeth Moss, at first seemed like a repressed, meek person. As a rising star at Sterling Cooper, the audience roots for her to challenge Don Draper and triumph over Pete Campbell. Moss plays Olson with integrity and warmth.

  4. John Slattery. As Roger Sterling, John Slattery embodies an ideal of what being a man was like in the 1960s. Whether he is tossing off blunt one-liners or martinis, Sterling provides a counterpoint to the Don Draper’s coolness. The actor may seem familiar. He has also appeared in “Will & Grace” and “Sex In The City.”

  5. Kiernan Shipka. As Sally Draper, child actress Kiernan Shipka has emerged as a strong performer in the “Mad Men” cast. Despite her young age, Shipka has portrayed adult subjects with surprising depth. While her misbehavior embarrasses her mother, audiences can only wonder what effect the changing times will have on the character.

  6. Vincent Kartheiser. Of all of the characters in the “Mad Men” cast, audiences love to hate Pete Campbell. Vincent Kartheiser gives Campbell an oily, creepy aura. His baby face and uptight body language makes you hope that Campbell get taken down a notch.

  7. January Jones. Playing Betty Draper Francis, January Jones has the difficult task of infuriating and endearing audiences. Of all of the actors in the “Mad Men” cast, critics wondered if Jones could carry herself against Don Draper. Her portrayal of Draper’s former wife makes audiences yell at their televisions. Still, Jones plays Francis with a tiny degree of warmth that makes her memorable.

  8. Jared Harris. Coming from a great acting lineage that includes Richard Harris and Rex Harrison, Jared Harris embodies the character of Lane Pryce. Audiences can agree with Pryce’s judgments of Don Draper and Roger Sterling. As the character grows int the American way of life, his button-down exterior will undoubtedly provide a few fun moments.

  9. Christopher Stanley. As Henry Francis, Christopher Stanley plays his character without whining or appearing weak to the Don Draper/Betty Draper Francis conflict. As a political operative during a difficult period in American politics, Francis must contend with conflict on the home front and his work life. Stanley has appeared in “The X-Files” and “Boston Legal.”

  10. Robert Morse. Playing Bertram Cooper, a partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Robert Morse has provided comedic moments.  Cooper in the office eccentric, with a Beatnik goatee and a requirement for all to remove their shoes in his office. Although his character quit after the agency loses the Lucky Strike account, Morse may be back in the show.

-Laura Axelrod