M. Night Shyamalan Wrote ‘She’s All That’ Which In And Of Itself, Is Something Of A Twist

Tuesday, June 11 by
Please don't bother Mr. Shyamalan when he's wearing his director earphones and director baseball hat,.  

While he was getting his career going before the monster hit The Sixth Sense, M. Night was understandably taking work where he could get it. And, as a writer, that generally means being a hired gun for projects WAY outside your comfort zone or scope of interest.

Which is why, when Shyamalan admitted to having ghost-written She’s All That (we had already learned years ago he was involved with Stuart Little), we immediately racked our brains for scenes or exchanges that may have shed some light on his involvement.

The only scenes that keep coming up for me are the ones that involve everyone dancing to Fatboy Slim, and the father who keeps incorrectly answering the Jeopardy questions out loud.

I don’t exactly see Shayamalan’s fingerprints all over those.

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