Disney's The Lone Ranger has found its villain in Dwight Yoakam, who will play Butch Cavendish, the head of the Cavendish Gang (makes sense). Yoakam has played a villain in several memorable turns, not the least of which was his turn in David Finche's Panic Room as a stone-cold home invader. The news of Yoakam's casting comes with a flurry of other prospective participants, including James Badge Dale, Helena Bonham Carter, and Barry Pepper.

Dale would play the Lone Ranger's older brother, Dan Reid and leader of the Texas Rangers, while Pepper would play Captain J. Fuller, the leader of the 7th Cavalry, because the law requires Pepper to play an Army guy whenever the opportunity is there.

In a refreshing change, Helena Bonham Carter, who is not as far along in talks as the other entrants, would play the proprietor of a local brothel, or "female pimp" as I would like to regard her. Variety describes her character as "colorful," because pimps are colorful.

These all sound like pretty solid additions to for film that has been criticized by many (myself included) as a gratuitous remake from the Disney machine. What can I say? Dwight Yoakam knows how to bring the gravitas.