Lucille Two, always in a heated competition with Lucille One, will NOT be left out of the upcoming season of Arrested Development, as reports trickle in that Liza Minnelli is on board to join the cast of...Arrested Development. (It would have been weird if I had said a different project, right?) She joins the full starring cast, as well as secondary players such as Henry Winkler and Judy Greer.

This may be a thin premise for a news story, but dammit, it's MY thin premise for a news story, so let's drag it out by referencing some stuff that the show ascertained that Lucille Austero really likes:

  • Carl Weathers

  • Club sauce

  • Spicy club sauce

  • Stan Sitwell

Shit. That wasn't a very effective stalling technique at all.

I'm taking my stuff and going home. Article's over folks.