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Bitchy Rants About Inside the Actor’s Studio (Pajiba)

20 Movies that Got Away With Gaping Plot Holes (Cracked)

Spike Lee & Kobe Do Work (Film Drunk)

You’re a Pretentious @$$hole.  (Pajiba)

Affliction counters ratings blow dealt by UFC 100.  (Cage Potato)

Get Ready For March Madness, Douchebag!  (Holy Taco)

Sora Aoi Sounds Like a Star Trek Alien, but Looks Like a Hot Asian (Gorilla Mask)

Artwork from Roland Emmerich’s 2012 (I-Am-Bored)

Shia!  He’s on Fi-ah!  That rhymes, and so will the lyrics in LaBeouf’s music video (The Playlist)

Alexandre Aja’s Piranha 3-D cuts teeth in Arizona (Dread Central)

Pitt and Portman to Star in the Longest Titled Film In A Long History of Long-Titled Films Whose Titles Give Away A Lot More Than Is Necessary In Order For Audiences To Remember What the Title Is In the First Place Extra Words (Filmofilia)


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