Let’s Talk About The Films That Tanked Over Christmas

Monday, December 30 by
He's no Steven Segal. Even with that greasy hair.  

Some films did fine. Frozen held on well, Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle did more or less fine given their adult subject matters and R ratings.

But three movies that people expected little from did even worse than people thought. Grudge Match, that terrible, terrible looking film about elderly men punching each other, made $7.3 million. Justin Bieber‘s film, Hey, I’m Justin Bieber! Believe made $2 million, which doesn’t even begin to cover Beebs’ lip gloss budget.

Then there is 47 Ronin, which I thought looked kind of cool, and seemed like a decent Keanu Reeves vehicle. I was in the minority. The film made $9.9 million on a budget of perhaps $200 million. That’s a stinker, all right. It is widely assumed that unless the film increases its second-week take by 1000%, Keanu Reeves will be tied down to a highway and run over by a truck.


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