Some films did fine. Frozen held on well, Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle did more or less fine given their adult subject matters and R ratings.

But three movies that people expected little from did even worse than people thought. Grudge Match, that terrible, terrible looking film about elderly men punching each other, made $7.3 million. Justin Bieber's film, Hey, I'm Justin Bieber! Believe made $2 million, which doesn't even begin to cover Beebs' lip gloss budget.

Then there is 47 Ronin, which I thought looked kind of cool, and seemed like a decent Keanu Reeves vehicle. I was in the minority. The film made $9.9 million on a budget of perhaps $200 million. That's a stinker, all right. It is widely assumed that unless the film increases its second-week take by 1000%, Keanu Reeves will be tied down to a highway and run over by a truck.