As with most things at NBC, once you get past the logline, this show becomes a lot less interesting. The show, titled Pariah, is a show about a police crew that solves cases with the help of a rogue academic that does little experiments that cause controversy among the more button-down set.

Hmmm. Rogue outsider who has controversial methods but gets results...trying to think if any other shows have done something like that. Nope. New ground is being broken here, folks.

The show will be produced by Kelsey Grammer because, hey, Frasier, and the rogue academic will be modeled on a Freakonomics-type academic, which apparently will be such a source of influence that they felt compelled to mention it in a press release and probably paid those Freakonomics authors some likeness rights.

I really think this is going to be the year NBC bounces back, guys.