Bieber practices for his wedding night.

Diminutive singing child Justin Bieber has announced his plans to break into Hollywood. Not only will the sheepdog-banged heartthrob be seen in Gary Marshall's Valentine's Day follow-up New Year's Eve, but will also star in a biopic about his own life.

Please shout the specifics at us, HollywoodLife:

The Biebster is about to become a movie star! can exclusively confirm that a script similar to the 2002 film 8 Mile is  in development – and close to completion! “There currently isn’t a final script, but just like Eminem did in 8 Mile, Justin will star!” an industry insider tells us.

Ow! My ears. No one other than "the Biebster" has been attached just yet, but I'm excited to see Usher wear those Mekhi Phiffer 8 Mile dreadlocks when Pubeless: The Justin Bieber Story comes to theaters Christmas Day 2011.