Josh Brolin Interested In ‘Jurassic World’, Possibly As A Gruff Dinosaur

Friday, October 18 by
Oh no. He can open doors now.  

The overlap in the venn diagram of No Country for Old Men and Jurassic Park fans has reason to celebrate as Josh Brolin begins to circle Jurassic World, the next installment of the dinosaur saga.

However, his vision is thought to be based on movement, so if the project stays completely still, he’ll walk right by it. *Steven Spielberg stands quietly, trembling, as Brolin grazes six inches in front of him*

Of course, it’s unlikely that Brolin would play anything but his usual young-Tommy Lee Jones self, so let’s hope that he gets cast as the guy who somberly told everyone at the beginning of the film that they’re playing god and that things won’t turn out well.

That he can play.

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