In a tremendous blow to fans of hyphenate synergies, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has completely and utterly insisted that the announcement by Variety that the Ant-Man lead was down to Paul Rudd and JG-L as "lies." More specifically, he said that any story of his involvement in the Edgar Wright superhero film was a lie; he didn't speak for Paul Rudd, because NO ONE speaks for Paul Rudd except Paul Rudd.

And maybe Judd Apatow. Or Leslie Mann if Apatow isn't around. But NOT JG-L.

Does this mean that Paul Rudd is Ant-Man. I dunno. Maybe? The idea of Edgar Wright directing Paul Rudd in a huge-budget summer movie sounds pretty damn sexy, so let's hope so.

That's all the update we got, so let's just spend the next ten seconds or so imagining Paul Rudd preparing for the role by staring closely at an ant farm, and ruining people's picnics at Griffith Park to get in the right headspace for the role.