Having directed Eddie Murphy in both Trading Places and Coming to America, John Landis claims that he saw a marked change in the funnyman in the years in between the two projects. He claims that Eddie turned into "kind of a jerk" while filming the latter, leading Landis to believe that perhaps he didn't want to be funny then, in 1988, and he might still not want to be funny now.

Eddie's filmography since 1988 lends credence to this argument. Since 1988, Murphy's catalog has consisted of almost nothing in the vicinty of "funny," save for The Distinguished Gentleman in 1992, which was 19 years ago... and maybe Bowfinger.

While this is certainly just one man's opinion, I can't imagine a more qualified source than that of Landis, who knows both comedy and Murphy. If Landis is wrong and Murphy still wants to be funny, there's still the question of whether or not he's capable of it. Did he want to be funny in Norbit?

We hope not, but you be the judge.

Oh sweet Christ.