Jim Gaffigan’s Sitcom Picked Up By Comedy Central AND TV Land

Thursday, July 31 by
Cheer up, Jim! You're on two networks! 

Jim Gaffigan, the G-Rated comedian who gave us earworms about Hot Pockets and bear jokes, has been circling a self-starring TV show most of his professional life it would seem. However, the stars never aligned to give him a good, durable vehicle.

Now, with the fragmentation of TV audiences, he is a more natural fit for some networks. One such network is TV Land, which has launched several family-friendly comedies based on familiar faces. Not only will TV Land be premiering the episodes, but Comedy Central will re-run each one a week later. TV Land is just flat-out giving the episodes to Comedy Central for promotional consideration, which sounds like a pretty good deal for both networks, actually.

The Gaffigan Show pilot was re-shot this year with Adam Goldberg, Michael Ian Black, and How I Met Your Mother‘s Ashley Williams, so that group should be good for a few laughs. Might this be the show that gets us to tune into TV Land?

Eh, maybe.

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