Jason Momoa Discusses A Possible, But Not Likely, Return To ‘Game Of Thrones’

Wednesday, August 17 by
He doesn't look like most screenwriters I know.  

While producers and Jason Momoa himself are trying to downplay similarities between his Game of Thrones character Drogo and his upcoming turn at Conan the Barbarian, it’s hard to argue that he’s got a type.

During an interview for Conan, Momoa sat down and shared that even though Drogo died by the hands of a witch, his wife, and his own subject, Momoa discusses the possibility of a return to the show with Jennifer Vineyard of Vulture. (Please take this with a whole mine of salt.)

It’s a fantasy world, sweetheart. I wrote some scenes and they might try to use them. George [R.R. Martin] can only write so much. Something could happen. Drogo could have a twin. You never know!

Once you get past the fact that he called his female interviewer “sweetheart,” which is insanely awesome, you realize that this isn’t perhaps the most rock-solid strategy in the world. I’m reminded of the “script” that Homer Simpson submitted to Ron Howard which was essentially just a few pages of doodles and a plotline involving a talking pie.

That said, it’s nice to hold on to hope, as this guy was one of the most compelling characters on the show. What he lacked vocally, he more than made up for in eyeliner.

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