I blame it on T-Pain.

Just when I think I've wrapped my head around Horrible Bosses, it goes and throws me another curve ball.

The first name I heard assoicated with the film was Jennifer Aniston. That's bad. But the next name I heard was Charlie Day from "Always Sunny." That's good.

Then I heard Colin Farrell was joining the cast, and I was all like "Whaaaaaat?" But then Jason Bateman came on board, so I was back to "Yeeeeeeaaaah!"

But now comes word that Jamie Foxx is joining the film, and my head is about to explode from all the confusion. At first glance, the addition of Foxx to the cast seems like a bad sign. He hasn't had a really good role since he won the Oscar in 2004 for Ray, and everybody knows he only won because the Academy wanted to give it to a blind guy. But on the other had, Cinema Blend is reporting that Foxx will play the role of a scam artist named Motherf*cker Jones. You don't have to be a Foxx fan to appreciate a character named Motherf*cker.

But the confusion doesn't stop there. Latino Review is reporting that “There will be at least two other big announcements in the next few weeks regarding other roles." Based on what I've seen so far, my money is on Carlos Mencia and Aziz Ansari.