James Franco Is Getting Ten Hours Of TV Airtime To Discuss The Art Of James Franco

Wednesday, August 21 by
That mug is brimming with creative agency and expression.  

I swear, some people think it’s still 2011, with the way they’re running around like a bunch of Francophiles. These days, it’s Ovation, a channel that sounds vaguely familiar and that a cursory search tells me is a channel devoted to visual and performing arts.

So naturally they’ve signed James Franco up for a ten-hour series which they’re calling an “anthology docuseries” which is what one must call a reality show if it stars James Franco.

The show’s premise revolves around cameras following around James Franco while he does whatever he does. Honestly, the premise sounds thin even by Franco standards, but it’s Ovation, so it’s not like they have some core audience to alienate. In fact, this is probably the most press Ovation has ever received.

It will be called James Franco Presents, and it will be fascinating for 30% of an episode, then become instantly insufferable.

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