Interview: Harold and Kumar’s Creators

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As the writers and directors of both Harold and Kumar movies, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg take their dick jokes very seriously. And with Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay fresh out on DVD and a third flick already in the works, their commitment to crude humor has definitely paid off.

The DVD for Escape from Guantanamo Bay has a choose your own adventure type feature called "Dude, Change the Movie." That sounds hard to pull off.
Hayden:I t took a lot of extra planning time, but the last film did so well on DVD that we wanted to give fans something to trump the last one. Writing the extra script was actually fun. The hard part was fitting it into our shooting schedule. It was weird shooting stuff we knew wasn’t actually going to be in the movie.

But shooting the extra stuff must have been more fun since most of it was so filthy.
Jon: It was cool because we could go even more absurd. We already had a bottomless party in the movie, but we wanted the topless party, too. Often times unrated DVDs are extreme disappointment. We wanted to give perverts and creeps exactly what they want.
Hayden: It’s great that some of the dialog got changed just a little and sometimes it doesn’t even make sense. It makes the whole thing surreal and, of course, gives us more opportunity for gratuitous nudity.

It’s good to see someone taking the "unrated" concept seriously."
Hayden: We know what it’s like to buy an unrated DVD and be disappointed because there’s really nothing new on there. We already had a hard R rating but we wanted to take it further. We actually got censored for the unrated DVD. We shot a whole sequence where Harold and Kumar go to a live sex show in Amsterdam. It was basically porn. There were people having sex and you saw everything. The people at New Line told us we couldn’t do that right after they had a meeting with the buyers from Walmart. (laughs)

What can you tell us about the next Harold and Kumar movie?
Jon: Hayden and I have a clear idea as to what the movie will be, but we haven’t even broken the news to the studio yet. Our promise is that Harold and Kumar 3 will be the Police Academy 4 of the franchise.
Jon: We consider that the best of the saga.

How many of these can you see actually happening?
Hayden: We created these characters to be a franchise and we really want to continue writing them. We know we can deliver a lot of laughs and the actors have fun shooting it. Plus, we get the feeling they’re going to keep doing them with or without us.

Some people group your movies in with stuff like Meet the Spartans. Does that hurt?
Hayden: There are people that will group Harold and Kumar with those other movies, but we feel like there’s good poop jokes and there’s bad poop jokes. Everybody has subjective tastes. We feel like for this type of movie, it’s the highest brow.
Jon: We see everything in comedy and we happen to think the stuff we do is a cut above the bottom of the barrel. We want to be grouped with Trey Parker, Dave Chappelle and Judd Appatow. Some people see kumar taking a shit in the trailer and they automatically think the movie is bad. This DVD is definitely not for those people. If anything, they should see the theatrical version. (laughs)
Hayden: Yeah, if you care about story and characters then you should see the theatrical version, but if you care about boobs, then you should check out the unrated version.

Well, that makes my decision easy.

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