IMDB sorts movies with plot-based keywords. Some of them are a little strange, like ‘Vomit Scene’ or ‘Stabbed in Throat’ or ‘Run Our of Gas.’  But this one has to be the best. Here’s a list of the movies that have the subheading 'The Black Guy Dies.'

Calculate your score. For instance, I’ve seen 18 of 25 movies where The Black Guy Dies. If you divide that out, then I’ve seen 72% of all movies where The Black Guy Dies. That may sound like a D, but it’s actually kind of amazing. Especially if you compare it to all the movies under the keyword ‘White Guy Gets New Job And Is Approved For Home Equity Loan Because Of Golf Course Membership. ‘ I’ve only seen 3 out of 874 in that category.

Institutionalized Racism people. It’s even in Predator.

Here's the original graphic.

Max Powers