If You Only Watch One Episode Of ‘Eastbound & Down’ This Season, Make It Sunday’s

Friday, February 24 by
Will Ferrell returns, and there are cannons involved.  

I’m a big fan of Eastbound & Down, and, for better or worse, I get paid to talk about television for a living. So when I tell you that this week’s episode of Eastbound & Down contains what might be the strangest ten minutes of television I’ve ever witnessed, please understand that I am not using hyperbole.

Will Ferrell returns as car dealer Ashley Schaeffer who, in Kenny’s absence, is forcing Stevie Janowski to toil at a Kia dealership. This doesn’t sit well with Kenny, who wants to enlist Stevie’s help in raising a kid. I can’t go into great detail about what transpires, but I can say that it involves cannons, transvestites, and a lot of confused Korean businessmen.

So do yourself a favor and skip the Oscars in favor of Eastbound & Down, because unless Billy Crystal smacks someone’s genitals with a spoon, the Oscars won’t compare. Watching Kenny over at Buzzer Beat would probably be even better, since you’d surely watch some of the other quality sports videos housed at that site. (Thanks for entertaining our quick, shameless plug.)

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