No one wants to, but this is a movie site, and movies with Will Smith are of general interest in the same way that the People Magazine crossword puzzle is of interest to some. Sony has hired the Safe House screenwriter (David Guggenheim) to draft Bad Boys 3 into an actual film, and Deadline is telling us that Sony wouldn't be doing that unless they felt confident about the return of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Whether or not Michael Bay is involved is anyone's guess, but he hasn't been in discussions up to this point. UGH. This news is painful if it's true, and moot if it isn't.

The good news is that Martin Lawrence may read this news, then run to the mirror and work on his, "Oh, hell no!" delivery, while Will Smith does the same thing, only his delivery comes out "Ohmm hmmll nulllh," because he says it while face down in a massage table, and the table material muffles his words as he says them.