For many fanboys, the chance to catch Shaun of the Dead in theaters slipped away almost a decade ago, save for those who live near an Alamo Drafthouse, which seems to keep the Wright-Pegg films in constant rotation.

With the announcement of marathon screenings the nation over, many cities can pretend to be as cool as Austin, if only for an evening. The event takes place at Regal Cinemas all over the country on Thursday, August 22nd, beginning at 5:30 with Shaun, then getting Fuzzy, then the premiere of The World's End.

Screening locations for the so-called "Cornetto Trilogy" can be found right here, and if your city isn't listed or doesn't have a Regal Cinema, don't fret – more theaters, cities, and chains will be announced in short order.

So get your tickets, then get comfortable for five hours of fanboy hilarity.