Hilary Swank saw all these actors getting comic book movies and said, "Hey! I want one!" Well, she got her wish with Shrapnel, a Radical comic adaptation that tells the tale of a former military officer (Swank) who leads an uprising on Venus in 2025. Obviously, it adheres to elements of the sci-fi genre, but also contains western conventions in it as well.

In the graphic novels, Venus exists as the last colony free from what Variety calls an "oppressive solar government." Tricky business, those solar governments. It doesn't sound too terribly far off from the plot of Total Recall, though it's presumed that Swank will have only two breasts in this adaptation. Pity.

The source material comes as a trio of graphic novels, to be adapted by Toby Wagstaff, who has previously cut his teeth on Arena. Swank has long been looking for an action vehicle. Let's hop this is it. The people of Venus are counting on her.