Corey Feldman spilled the beans on his blog yesterday about Empire Magazine's Goonies reunion interview and photo-shoot. He noted that the entire cast and Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg were on-hand to reminisce about the classic film. That must have been an awkward room.
COREY: Hi Steven!
SPEILBERG: Oh, hi Corey... how's things?
COREY: Good, you know. Working on my music. That kinda thing. Still acting though. Still into that.
SPEILBERG: Oh... Yeah... That's pretty cool.
COREY: How about you? Got anything coming up? Maybe you could find me a rol--
SPEILBERG: Hey Corey. Sorry. I've been ignoring Chunk all night. Let me just pop over and say hi to him.
COREY: Oh. Yeah. Sure. Totally. Say hi to Chunk. We'll catch up later.
(notices Richard Donner a few feet away.)
COREY: Oh. Hey Richard!
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