In case you fear you won't get your fantasy fix with fourteen thousand Hobbit films being made from a 200-page book, Fox has you covered. They're gonna dump a whole metric shit-ton of Magic: The Gathering films on you. For those unfamiliar Magic: The Gathering is some sort of role playing game that induces you to buy a ton of cards and make the company money. I'm one of the unfamiliar as well, in case it wasn't clear from my description.

Ok. So they've just announced one film, but they have been vocal in their hopes/expectations that it turns into a franchise. Who is going to see this movie? Probably not women. Or most adults. Maybe a ton of 12 year-old boys and some grown ups who see marijuana as a lifestyle and not a drug.

The burgeoning franchise will go up against World of Warcraft adaptations and Dungeons and Dragons, which would indicate that a) the fantasy market pool is much, much deeper and broader than we would assume, or b) movie execs are mindless suits who just do what the next guy is doing, essentially strangling the art of cinema.

Either one, really.