April Fool's Day is a boon for movie sites, since we thrive so much on rumors anyway.  To me, a great April Fool's joke is one where no one gets hurt, and you don't have to say "April Fools!" at any point in the execution, because it's obvious by the end of it.  Sort of like the entire run of Saved By the Bell: The College Years, which was so good, it debuted in September or something (don't quote me on that).  Nonetheless, movie sites try their darnedest to find a great setup for a rug pull.  Here are a couple noble efforts, followed by some real news, done by real, hard hitting journalists who ask the tough questions rather than just make up answers willy-nilly.  You know who I'm talking about, Variety

Iron Man 2 Title Worse Than Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (Cinematical)

Matrix Series Gets Fourth Film (/Film)

Okay enough of the fakery... everything else is REAL.

Del Toro's Mimic Gets Special Edition DVD (

Myspace launches first game show with "BFF" (

60 Robots in Transformers 2 (

Will Arnett & Michael Shannon join cast on Jonah Hex (

Kevin Spacey is the Father of Invention (