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This video is called “The Miracle of Birth” by New Zoo Revue and it will, according to FilmDrunk, "Melt your face off." [Thanks to Vince at FilmDrunk]

Spare Parts (WebsterIsMyBitch)

Holly Samson After Wonder Years (MoonDogSports)

This Will Melt Your Face (FilmDrunk)

Hot Girls In Baseball Clothes (Manofest)

6 Randomly Influential Movies (Pajiba)

Whitney Jane’s Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)

McCoughnahey’s Next 10 Movie Posters (Cracked)

True Blood Season 2 Artwork (DreadCentral)

The Ultimate Butterface Test (Holytaco)

Stephanie Rice Is One Hot Policewoman (BustedCoverage)

Alyssa = Hot Name And Woman (Uncoached)

Starcraft 2 Battle Report (Unreality)

Criterion Brings More To The Masses (ThePlaylist)

Scene From Ghost Hunting Guy (TomOatmeal)

Stupid Bitch Gets Kicked Off Motorcycle (NothingToxic)



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Arnold Is A Bea Fighting Champion (FilmDrunk)

An actual Observe & Report Review (Pajiba)

The Funniest CNN Bloopers Of All Time (Manofest)

Natalie Noelle’s Spanking Hot (GorillaMask)

Hilarious Onion Spot On Porn (IAmBored)

6 Tiny Nations That Know How To Kick Ass (Cracked)

No Plans For Spider Man 5, Apparently (Filmofilia)

A Weird Video For You To Watch (DreadCentral)

If Your IM Buddy List Was Honest (Holytaco)

Nick Diaz’s Pot Smoking Binge (CagePotato)

Hot Sophie Monk Needs A Blogger (BustedCoverage)

Virginia Tech Hottie (Uncoached)

Bioshock 2 Gameplay Footage (Unreality)

Cillian Murphy’s Newest Venture (ThePlayList)

Book Of Short Medieval Stories (TomOatmeal)

Another Awesome Cat Fight (NothingToxic)



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Wish Dragonball Z Movie Luck…Jesus Christ (FilmDrunk)

Weird Looking Redheads (Manofest)

The Dumbest Movie Adaptation Ideas (Pajiba)

April Gutierrez Spanking (GorillaMask)

Michael Bay Directs Cereal Eating (IAmBored)

CGI Boob Secrets (Cracked)

Bruno Redband Trailer (Filmofilia)

Skeleton Crew Live (DreadCentral)

Not Today, Mother (Holytaco)

Hot Arkansas Cheerleaders (BustedCoverage)

Filia De Castro Gallery (Uncoached)

Vintage Dharma Initiative Ads (UnrealityMag)

Wolverine Director Pissed About Fan Site (ThePlaylist)

Remember Hungry Hungry Hippos? (TomOatmeal)

Electrician Trainee Falls Down Pole (NothingToxic)



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Tom Sizemore was awesome in Paparazzi, but he’s even better now. (Film Drunk)

Bank Robbers Make It Rain (I-Am-Bored)

Steven Seagal Movie Title Flowchart (Cracked)

5 Best Signature Horror Movie Weapons (Pajiba)

What Facebook will look like in a few years (Holy Taco)

Bruce Lee, This Guy Ain’t (Gorilla Mask)

Cruce Campbell Double Feature on Anchor Bay (Dread Central)

MMA’s Greatest Upsets (Cage Potato)

Kenny Powers Training Video (Gorilla Mask)

Transporter 3 DVD Review = Explosive (Filmofila)

Ratner Wants to Be on the Comic Book Movie A-List (ScreenRant)

Poster for Chan Wook Park’s Thirst banned (Variety)

Cool Piece called Newspapers & Thinking the Unthinkable (Shirky)


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Then go see a movie and watch some TV.  But for chrissakes, whatever you do, don’t run around outside.  That’s how yo break something.

Pacino and DeNiro sue the pants off the Watchmen (FilmDrunk)

Apply for a new girlfriend. (Holy Taco)

Five Must-Read Marvel Stories (

Attack of the Show Exposes Dr. Manhattan (G4)

Josh Brolin Talk Jonah Hex (Hero Complex)

Jim Jarmusch Meets Japanese Metal (The Playlist)

Sean Penn’s Brazilian Voice Scared of Gays (Variety)






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