Friday Afternoon Link Time

Friday, May 8 by

This Guy Is The Best Shower Singer (FilmDrunk)

Italians Rule The Blogosphere (MoonDogSports)

Happ Mothers Day, Danzig Style (SickPigs)

25 Sexy Female Mugshots (Manofest)

I Wanna Be Captain Kirk (Pajiba)

Sandy Scott Is Spankin Hot (GorillaMask)

Pregnant Teens Dance (IAmBored)

The 6 Greatest Battlefield Mindfucks (Cracked)

Vin Diesel Is The Wheelman (Filmofilia)

4 Minutes of Terminator (DreadCentral)

Hippo vs Giant Octopus (HolyTaco)

Arizona States Indie Run (BustedCoverage)

Monica Keena Is Way HOT (Uncoached)

Jason Statham vs. Daniel Craig (Unreality)

Heath Ledger In Parnassus (ThePlaylist)

Missing Dog! (TomOatmeal)

Pantless Dude Gets Owned (NothingToxic)


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