Don't worry if you don't have cable; there are plenty of free TV shows to watch online. Sites like Hulu allow you to stream current and classic TV shows in exchange for watching a couple of commercials. If you are all caught up on current series, you can watch these classic TV shows online:

  1. "Spaced" Before Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar White made "Shaun of the Dead," they made fourteen episodes of the hysterically funny sitcom "Spaced." "Spaced" is about the adventures of a housefull of slacker twenty-somethings. It's full of geeky pop-culture references that will delight any sci-fi, horror of comic book fan. American viewers never got a chance to see this show during its run, but, they can watch this TV show free online.

  2. "The Addams Family" Most of us grew up watching this TV show in syndication. This is a great free tv show to watch online if you are in the mood for a good nostalgia fix. This TV show about the very odd Addams family is as creepy and kooky as you remember.

  3. "WKRP in Cincinnati" Before the antics of "News Radio" there was "WKRP in Cincinnati." This TV show chronicles the lives of people working for a failing radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio. The interactions of the many quirky characters make it a show that is still amusing after all these years.

  4. "21 Jump Street" This cheesy cop show about young looking undercover officers who could pass as teens is great to watch online for its camp value. The show is a snap-shot of the late 80s and early 90s. You'll either feel nostalgic or embarrassed that you may have dressed like the characters and thought it looked cool. It's not one we'd recommend grabbing on DVD unless you are a Johnny Depp completist, but, it's fun to watch for free online.

  5. "Soap" Many consider "Soap" one of the best sitcoms ever made. The show was way ahead of its time and candidly depicted gay characters, racial minorities, rape, infidelity, mental illness and a host of other taboo subjects. Both conservative Christians and gay rights activist objected to the depiction of Jody Dallas, one of the first openly gay characters on television. If you can piss off both the left and the right, you are definitely breaking some new ground. Catch up with a bit of entertainment history by checking out one of the most controversial free TV shows that you can watch online.

-Lara Stewart