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/Film reports that despite the upcoming Jekyll film project starring Keanu Reeves, Bad Lieutenant director Abel Ferrara is moving forward with his own retelling of the classic tale. Jekyll and Hyde is set to star Forest Whitaker and 50 Cent as the cursed doctor in a contemporary retelling. Clearly they missed the boat on casting. 50 Cent as Mr. Hyde? They should have cast Mike Tyson. Wouldn’t even need no make-up.

Check out some more of these morning headlines.

Lost Season 5: Hurley’s Greatest Hits. (io9)

Hanging With Mr. Danza. (NY Post)

Fright Night to be remade, more frightening. (Empire)

Toy Story 3 crosses over Up. (MTV)

Expendables reveils tough new artwork. Grrr. *cough cough* Ouch. I pulled something. (Latino Review)



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