E! Takes Ryan Lochte’s Reality Show, Shoots It In The Head, Buries It In Shallow Grave

Thursday, September 19 by
They won't even give us an episode that resolves the uneaten cake issue.  

After a thinly-premised season (even by reality TV standards) that drew next to nothing in ratings, E! has decided they’re better off without What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, throwing Lochte back in the ocean, where he can swim openmouthed, straining for plankton and speaking like this.

Ryan Lochte’s replacement hasn’t been found yet, so I’ll just propose:

  • Frank Stallone Forever
  • Chet Haze Can’t Lose
  • My Big Fat Kathleen Turner
  • Frances Bean: From Tween To Teen
  • Homosexual Nightclub
  • See More Hoffman

Just suggestions, is all.

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