In 1996 RDJ was arrested in LA for possession of 97 different types of drugs and a handgun. The cops nailed him driving down Sunset, totally hammered, and totally naked. The man has done 16 months in jail and plenty of time in rehab. In 1999 he told a judge “It’s like I have a loaded gun in my mouth and my finger’s on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gunmetal.” It is because of quotes like that and his incredible ability as an actor that we think he's the shit. In celebration of his recent comeback here is a look at some of the craziest Robert Downey Jr. moments.

 At Age 5 Questioning a Gentleman if He Has Any Hair on His Balls

To be a true smart ass you have to start training by age 5. RDJ's dad made movies. So sometimes he was in them. It's clear that his wit goes way, way back.

Weirdest Q&A Ever At Cannes 

While most actors would be made horribly uncomfortable by a gay Chilean stalker, Downey maintains his cool. Not only that, but he makes the situation funny. You don't need to watch the second question, unless you are a true movie geek.

Drunken Interview with Val Kilmer

When you take two of the strangest men in Hollywood and have them interview each other it's bound to be entertaining. Plus, I'm PRETTY sure that Roberto is a little loaded. His words kind of run together a bit.

His Wife Explains Why He's Weird

What, the man likes oatmeal, herbs, and yoga. That's the kind of shit that junkies eat after they clean up. Normal food just doesn't help with the constant craving.

Dancing on Ellen

Yo, homeboy got MOVES. That's all.

Singing Oklahoma and Tap Dancing

And homeboy can dance AND sing. Have you ever seen Oklahoma? Me either!

Making Out With Val Kilmer

I always wonder how it changes the relationship between two actors once they are forced to do a make out scene. Particularly if they are gentlemen.

Doing Time

Come on who the fuck DOESN'T like drugs and guns? They're like a good piece of chocolate or pastries. Delicious drug pastries.

Running Around In His Underwear

It's amazing how the difference between running around in Washington Square Park in your underwear and being crazy vs. artistic just boils down to whether or not there is camera and a soundman present. I remember going to college with kids like this. Now they're living in yurts in Oregon, blowing glass, and having mushrooms for breakfast.

Dancing to the Pips

Ok, just one last bit of evidence that RDJ is a man of many talents. Pay particular attention to the hand movements. Elegant.

In Blackface

I am of the opinion that if Heath Ledger could have held his drugs a little better and not died that Robert Downey's performance in Tropic Thunder would be the real focus of this year's award season. He is truly amazing. This is my favorite clip from Rain of Madness.

Mr. Downey, we salute thee.

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